As was expected, people have begun lining up for the iPhone 4S around the world. Certain people have been in line for over a week now, and more are joining by the minute.

We’ve collected some photos of Apple Store lines for the iPhone 4S launch…

In Las Gatos, California, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has been sitting in line with his iPad 2. He’s been taking pictures with fans and talking with the press.


“At the front of this particular line Thursday, Steve Wozniak sits in a Pico armchair, sipping Diet Dr Pepper and scanning e-mails from his white iPad.

The Apple co-founder, who gets a paycheck of “a couple hundred dollars every two weeks” and still maintains his status as employee No. 1 in company records, hasn’t been able to stay put for long. Crowds of Apple fans, family friends and people who have seen him riding his Segway around the neighborhood stop to say hi, take pictures and ask for his autograph.

“I’ll be taking a thousand pictures,” Wozniak whispered with a smile. “I’m going to sit down and see if I can get a little e-mail done, because there’s no way I’m going to get it all done today.”

“I want to get mine along with the millions of other fans,” Wozniak said. “I just want to be able to talk to my phone.”

Across the pond, our buddies from JailbreakCon have been in line at the Regent Street Apple Store for a good week now. Craig Fox and Daniel James have been tweeting and video blogging about their iPhone 4S campout.


“We are going to be very tired when they actually open the doors”, they explained. “We like it that the first in the queue are jail breakers … It’s a good twist.”

An Apple Store line in Sydney, Australia (via @andrew_macey):

iSpazio at the Covent Garden Apple Store in London, UK:

Eaton Centre Apple Store (via @BradInToronto):

Line for 4S wraps around 2 blocks and both sides of the road. Wow.” (via @seanog83):

iCloud display at the Apple Store (via @pdparticle):

These guys have been in line for 17 days:

Thanks to sites like RazorianFly and MacStories for finding some of these great pics.

Are you in line for the iPhone 4S? Send us some picures!

Want to avoid the lines? Then you should check out this post.

  • Gambit

    anybody in hawaii honolulu area know how the lines are?

    • Joe


  • Erik

    I would have put on a blue shirt and just start running like I’m a part of it.

  • I remember when I got iPhone 4. It was a really cold longass day. Starbucks was next door and the hand out free coffee, water, and snacks throughout the day. So nice of them 🙂
    iHeart 

  • Johari

    Wow..!!…its amazing that people really queu for an iphone….i got my iphone 4 white earlier this year cause i waited to upgrade my iphone 3g… iphone still works great…its tempting though to get the iphone 4s….i will just have to wait awhile….before upgrading…….THE APPLE IPHONE REALLY ROCKS..!!!!!

  • Mr.L09

    dont see google co-founders standing in line with crowds for their products…+1 for Steve Wozniak

  • Brandon

    As much as I love iPhone, I’d never wait in line for it. Not for over an hour at least.

  • Tom

    Not even for an hour. My 3Gs is still kicking. Sure it’s slow and has poor battery life but it’ll get me through until the rush is over.

  • MrA

    The Woz is the coolest.

  • Carol

    I drove by one Sprint store on my home after work like half hr ago. No one at all in line. Then mile down a Verizon store and there was a security guard and two people. Then I drove by the mall where the Apple store is, WOW!!! Already a line starting outside the mall, which means the inside must be already packed! Just like when the iPad 2 came out.

  • Blimey

    Been in line at a Sprint store since 7 last night. 3 more hours to go. Nobody else here. For the iPad 2 a month after launch I hit the Apple Store at 5 am and was 20 deep in the line.

  • Axl

    No line here in Waikiki Royal Hawaiian store is clear of anyone as of 12am

  • Dave

    Dresden Germany was easy. About 200 people were there, middle of the line all white iPhone 4s were gone 😉 I wonder how quickly these will be on ebay…

  • small line here in orlando, a corporate AT&T 10th in lines..2 hr 30min before opening

  • mmtk99

    I’m in AT&T in humacao pr! got here at 5:00 am and I’m the # 3 lol 😉

  • At AT&T store in Maryland. About 10 people in line with 1 hour until opening.

  • Nomi

    boo iphone 4s sucks old technology no overclocking no bigger screen android rocks.

  • Nomi

    boo iphone 4s sucks old technology no overclocking no bigger screen. android rocks.

  • Nomi

    boo iphone 4s sucks. old technology no overclocking no bigger screen. android rocks.

  • Nomi

    boo. iphone 4s sucks. old technology no overclocking no bigger screen. android rocks.

  • Gus Me

    Passed by an AT&T store this morning, at least 10 people in line at the Kendall and 122 ave store in Miami. Hopefully by the time I get home mine will be there waiting for me…

  • Tim guy

    I’m at at&t in utah Number 5 in line 3 hours to opening

  • Jose medina

    Im at att 50 min till opening 10 ppl in line… Across theres a sprint store and nobody there… Passed by best buy 1 block away and 0 ppl there and also the verizon store 0 ppl there

  • Wow the lines are even crazier than last years!

  • Hey Jeff I need your help I downloaded iOS 5 from your download section and when I restore with it I get error 3194

  • Hey Jeff I need your help I downloaded iOS 5 from your downloads section and when I restore with it I get error 3194 after it verifies with apple I even have my hosts file to sauriks server I dont understand what happened.

  • Oh Alex sorry I thought jeff wrote this

  • JT

    5th in line. Got into the store immediately. Took about 15 minutes. Already home fooling around with Siri!

  • iPad Lover

    There was bigger lines at the court house!!!

  • Matt

    Thought it would be funny to hit my local cell shop and ask for a 4s. Guy said how many gigs do you want. I said 32. He said ok wait a second and popped out with it .. That was 230pm today Hahahha. Suckers wit in lines for hours and I waited 7 minutes and it was hooked up.