Since iOS 5 hits tomorrow, jailbreak developers are starting to update more of their widgets, tweaks and apps to be compatible with Apple’s latest and greatest iOS firmware.

Along with that, we here at iDB have begun to take a keen notice of what’s available for jailbreakers. Many of the current jailbreak tweaks for iOS 5 are Notification Center widgets, and few are prettier than PowerCenter.

PowerCenter is a tweak that allows you to quickly respring, reboot, or power down your iPhone with a slide of your finger, and it’s a beauty. Catch the full video walkthrough after the break…

As you can see, PowerCenter is simple — you can perform the same actions easily with SBSettings, or various other tweaks — but it’s the gorgeous design of the widget that really grabbed my attention.

PowerCenter is a perfect complement to the linen background that graces Notification Center, and it works without any of the problems that plague some of the other beta widgets available thus far.

If you want to give PowerCenter a try, add the BigBoss beta repo to your list of Cydia sources:

Be sure to let me know what you think of PowerCenter in the comment section below.

  • prplaya420

    nice implimation

  • Bill

    Still prefer SBSettings

  • i think i wil most definitely be using this on my 4S

  • Asad

    Will iOS 5 come out at 12:00am in US on the 12th?
    If not, what time will it be released?

  • vineetm
    check it out..
    its a beautiful case n at a cost of new iphone 4.. 😛

  • R

    I hope we put the widgets in any order we please. I would definitely use this if I could put it under my notifications. I want the limited space at the top to be reserved for more used/useful widgets.

    • Tyler

      You can do any order you would like. Ex put msgs on top the stocks then weather. But idk if you can move jailbreak widgets

      • Patrick

        You can

  • bob

    i will use this and SB setting

  • afoerster

    …some weeks ago when sbsettings was not ready for iOS 5, there was a new tweak for the notification center (including sbsettings functions…)
    What is the name??

  • Jacob

    cool and is it a iPod or iPhone?

  • Jacob

    in the picture

  • Zaytuun

    Lol, since most people’s jb are tethered right now it’s kinda useless……

  • bob

    dont need this at all.. they need to come up with with new things that are no already out there

  • Anonymous

    Are you being sarcastic? This looks terrible. It doesn’t fit in with the notification center at all, and the slider looks awful.