When Apple unveiled the iPhone 4S last week, it was pretty clear that they were proud of the handset’s new camera. Not only did engineers tack on 3 megapixels, but they also tweaked the optics system and widened the camera’s F stop.

While we’ve seen the amazing sample photos that Apple posted on its website, we’ve yet to see how the camera will perform out in the real world. Until now. TUAW has come across the first photo taken with an iPhone 4S, outside of Cupertino… 

The picture below was posted in the forums of AppVV.com (it looks like the original image was pulled). Judging by the photo’s EXIF data, it has been determined that the photo was indeed taken with Apple’s latest smartphone.

The photo we posted here has been resized to fit iDB’s page format. I encourage you to check it out. Even after zooming in, there doesn’t seem to be any pixelation.

The fact that the iPhone 4S can take crisp and clear photos outside of Apple’s lab is pretty exciting. Just like food off the menu, actual photos don’t generally look as good as advertised. I can’t wait to get my hands on this thing this Friday.

  • Chris

    That is Sick!!

    Awesome if true…

    • Pavel

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      Oh, poor baby Jon Garrett can’t face the fact that the iPhone 4S’s camera SIMPLY KICKS ASS. Good Lord, grow a pair, Jon. This comment is pathetic and low, EVEN for you. Go cry your way back to your Android blog, AND STAY THERE, you pathetic lifeless scum.

    • xvidonline

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    • Kjeldor

      of course the photo was photoshopped, they had to put the water mark on! use your brain before you post!

  • Chris

    What a class dear Pavel…

    And so constructive. Even if mine wasn’t much longer…

  • George

    Lets see some comparisons with the iPhone 4’s camera. Difference is probably minor.

    • Craig

      It is, i’ve compared the untouched iPhone images on Apple’s website and they are no better than shots i’ve taken with my iPhone 4. With regards to low light shots, I can’t say but in well lit scenarios the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 really don’t look any different.

  • mrpelon14

    looks like my pic’s on my iphone4

  • D Rey

    All the people saying it looks like the ip4 obviously aren’t getting the 4s and are slightly jealous. And how can u compare when u don’t even have the device in hand to compare with.

    • Craig

      Are you retarded?? We have official pictures from Apple to compare with so wtf has jealousy got to do with anythingnyou douchebag, you sound like a fanboy who believes anything regardless of whether it’s true or not .. wake up dude.

  • @Max_Kas

    I’m so excited for the iPhone 4S camera. With the iPhone 4 camera I would be able to take great photos but would also need to edit theme for noise and color enhancment. Noise would be a problem even in well lite settings. The iPhone 4S is going to be awesome with the A5, Siri, and awesome camera for both photography and video.

    • iGirl_in_SC

      Totally agree.

  • Goofygreek

    i just got a galaxy s2 and the camera is not bad. I take the same pic with both the s2 and i4 and galaxy looks better. But, in low light situations, the i4 is better. I think the flash on the s2 is a little over powered and causes a lot of “back flash” to occur and the software ends up making the pic darker. But as a flash light, that thing is BRIGHT. much brighter than the i4. I think software might have something to do with too. With no flash on, it takes fantastic pictures. My friend is getting the 4s so I’ll compare thoose to as well.

    • Software definitely plays a huge role in color representation. That’s why the iPhone 4 has been a leader for the past year. Apple nailed it with bright and over saturated colors (reds,blues and greens really pop); this is all done on the software side mainly.

  • Jason Masters

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    • We try to weed out trolls as much as we can but some always go through 🙁

  • Sss

    Looking sucks, not a big improvement, so why should people pay for this ??

  • javierE186

    This actually isn’t the first with the iPhone 4s if you go by the rumors. The first picture would be the sushi picture and it was much better than this picture. In addition I would like to say I’ve seen this picture in the web before. So it could be that is was indeed “photo-shopped”.

    • Toshi

      If you followed it correctly you would know it was taken by ip4 camera, not 4s.

  • zoesdevil

    To be honest all these counters can just go elsewhere and pass there negativity over there coz I don’t careif you think the iPhone 4s has the same pic capability as the 4 coz end of the day i couldn’t care less as it’s a better phone all round and much better than my 3GS camera so it’s a win win situation for me especially with Siri plus until people see the damn phone take photos how can anymore compare or doubt it against the iPhone 4, apple are a class act and wouldn’t bring out the same camera or even try and pass it off as a new best camera as they have more respect for there customers and fans!!?? Always someone moaning somewhere though!!!!!

    • Craig

      You’re moaning about people moaning you idiot, people are entitled to their opinion regardless of whether you agree with it or not, if you disagree then throw up some constructive reply, not just cry about people and make yourself look no better than the people you are whinging about !!

      If you have a 3GS then you have a shit camera compared to the iPhone 4 so how can you even comment on what people think regarding the 4 and the 4S, when you own the iPhone 4 and you can compare you can comment but until then you have nothing to base your opinion on.

    • Jamie

      They can compare because Apple put up photos taken with the 4S and people with an iPhone 4 have pictures to compare the 2, use your brain ffs and don’t just rant in an uneducated fashion !!

  • zoesdevil

    I was just saying to wait until the 4s comes out and then compare u pricks!! U think my phone is only shit coz of the 4 but I was saying I don’t care wether the 4 is the same as the 4s as it’ll be an upgrade from mine anyway! So shut ya traps! U cant compare properly until the phones are side by side or two printed photos next to each other!!
    My opinion too u pricks!!

  • zoesdevil

    Shut up you knob!!! It’s suppos to be a apple fans forum and people like u come on here putting the new product down! Fuck off you sponge cake!!

  • Looking good, just saw a hands-on video from the same source.

    The iPhone 4S looks good at the inside instead of the outside.

  • Take a picture of a moving baby… then you will wow me.

    • Jason Masters

      Lmao I don’t even know why that’s funny!

  • Criss

    Nice! Now i can enjoy the “owl” without a magnifier !

  • as a students who photocopy all my books, literally photo-copy all my chapters with my iphone 4 i can tell this is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay superior than the quality i get

  • iPhoneman01

    I can’t tell the difference myself. Might be photoshopled…

  • dan myth

    and we waited a year just for this?? what did you mean about ” looks incredible” where?

  • fred

    This picture is good – but actually no better than a similar picture i took with my Sony 5MP camera phone – and that phone is now 3 years old!!!!
    Before you die-hard Apple fans attack me for being a nay-sayer – I actually have 2 Macbook Pro’s, 1 Macbook Air, 4 iPhone’s and 2 ipod’s – i like Apple products, but I’m not blind to their faults.
    Quite frankly, Apple does lag behind other handsets in the camera department – My first Sony phone to have a flash was back in 2005 – Apple only added a flash to the iphone last year!
    iPhone bluetooth is still streets behind what others implemented 5 years ago – I didn’t use my iphone 4 for 10 months until they finally kind of fixed BT in a firmware upgrade (stuck to my 3GS), my iphone 3G had only half-duplex bluetooth until firmware 3.1 – that took almost a year too!

    Apple make amazing products, no doubt about it, but it annoys me when they dress mutton up as lamb, like they’re doing with the camera now………
    The retina display was the opposite story – truly amazing, well worth all the hype and a real game changer – i cant stand to even look at my 3GS anymore!

    I always get a laugh at people getting so excited over cameras in cellphones because the simple fact is this – The larger the lens, the more light can reach the detector and therefore the better the picture can be. Cellphone camera’s (and the iphone 4S is no exception) have tiny lenses – the pictures can hardly be breathtaking!

    My 3 year old Sony had a xenon flash too, no sign of that on the iphone either!

    My iphone 4S is on pre-order ($1000 for a 64GB unlocked) and i cant wait to get it.
    I’m just not expecting to be blinded by the camera!

  • Looking forward to getting the 4S to see what opportunities it offers , especially camera aspects.

  • Jared Floyd

    because thats all they had left after they purchased the 4s

  • UpYourMoMs

    When people can’t afford something they love to talk shit. (Bitches)