iPhone 4S Camera Will Rival the Top Point-and-Shoot Models

The iPhone 4 turned out to be one of the world’s most popular cameras. It was one of the first smartphones that literally started taking the place of every day point-and-shoot picture-takers.

With the iPhone 4S, Apple is looking to build on that success with its all-new 8MP camera. The sensor is capable of capturing 3264 x 2448 photos — 60% more pixels than the iPhone 4. And there’s much, much more…

On top of its additional pixels, the new 8MP camera sensor can gather in 73% more light than the previous model. It also houses a hybrid IR filter for richer colors, and it’s super fast. It takes just 1.1 seconds to snap its first photo.

And as for video recording? The new iPhone 4S records in full 1080P HD, and includes built-in image stabilization and a temporal noise reduction filter to ensure that all of your videos look first class. Not bad for a cell phone.