The iPhone 4S Camera is Incredible, Here’s the Evidence

Apple announced a 8 megapixel camera for the iPhone 4S yesterday, and full-res photos taken on the 4S have been provided on Apple’s website for comparison.

Needless to say, the quality of the camera on the 4S is absolutely stunning. The photos you are about to see have allegedly not been tampered with, and it’s obvious that the 4S competes with most point-and-shoot cameras on the market. Some would even say that DSLRs have a new competitor…

You can click on each image to view the full 3264 x 2448 resolution version, weighing in at about 2-3MB. There are more examples on Apple’s website.

Also, as MacRumors notes, that sushi photo that made the rounds in the blogosphere weeks ago was actually taken on a 4S. The 4S camera includes HDR features, face detection, Photo Stream, improved optics, and faster shutter speed.

The iPhone 4S shoots video in 1080p HD.

Pretty incredible, huh?