Facebook has finally decided to release its official iPad app in the App Store. After months and months of waiting, the social networking giant decided to pull the trigger and release its iPad app.

Facebook for iPad was leaked a couple months ago, and jailbreakers were able to keep the iPad version running as long as the app wasn’t updated. The real version is finally out…

Unsurprisingly, the app looks identical to the version that was leaked back in July, with the addition of Facebook’s new Timeline view. Also, you can play Facebook games full screen and take advantage of improved app integration.

I’ve been using Facebook’s iPad app for months, and it’s pretty great. Browsing your feed, photos, and friends’ profiles is a nice experience. The UI design is also a great implementation of Facebook’s chat and check-in services.

As noted by This is my next, the Facebook for iPhone app is also getting updated with app bookmarks, improved notifications, and Facebook Credit support for in-app payments.

Facebook for iPad is populating in the App Store. Let us know if the update shows up for you in the App Store.

Check out Facebook’s iPad app webpage.

UPDATE: Facebook for iPad is alive and kicking. Download it in the App Store for free. There’s also a slick new web app for Mobile Safari.

  • rilespro


    • Ins0mnihack

      What kind of demented retard trolls Apple forums, posting negative bullshit every story?

      Are you 13 or something? Grow the fuck up. If you don’t like anything about Apple, then why don’t you piss off to an Android site?

  • Nothing in Japan yet.

  • Antuán

    Nothing in México yet.

  • Dopeboy

    nothing in South Africa yet

  • Chris

    Nothing in the UK store yet 🙁

  • Chris

    nothing in USA. Maryland yet What the hell ???

  • Brad

    Nothing in my pants 🙁

  • Motee

    Nothing in Afghanistan

  • Nothing in Austria yet.

  • numbnuts

    my advice: dont corrupt your device with such a haphazard, bugged piece of rubbish 😀

  • sthrngrl

    Here in Texas

  • Ken

    Got my update here in Canada. The new app looks good!! I hit the “updates” button about 10 times in a row before the Facebook update popped up.

  • Yarik

    it up in the us and Israel

  • Chris

    Got my update now in the uk yay

  • Sean

    I just got it in the US. Downloaded and everything is looking good!

  • peter jansen

    Pfffff, finally. Just installed it. No more jumping through hoops to upload photos!

  • Connor

    The iphone update is extremely improved.

    • Artkin

      +1. So far it’s working great!

  • MIL

    Released in Norway, looking good

  • Here in Iowa, now we just need Siri for the iPad!

  • green_comet

    Still waiting in Australia.

  • Kyle

    Got it here in Northern California.

    Also, would someone mind linking to/posting screen grabs of Timeline in the app? I am having problems finding it… If it even exists.

    Thanks in advance. 🙂

  • Omar

    Can’t get past the splash screens in either versions.

    • basel

      same problem

    • DSN1138

      Keeps crashing on me .. I’m pissed

      • DSN1138

        I delete the app and reinstalled it.. Working now

      • Eddie

        Same problem. I think it was trying to use my old login and that’s why it was stuck

  • SlimJimUK

    For all those that can’t find the iPad app when searching, find the iPhone version in the app store, then click Developer Page and then you will see the iPad version … it just hasnt been added to most searches yet

    Enjoy bitches

  • Low resolution

    It is the same iPhone app updated to support iPad, but it is still found under iPhone apps.
    I realized it has low font resolution, i think they just expanded the iPhone version to fit on the iPad screen. Anyone else realized this low resolution thing?

    • Devin

      yup the resolution is garbage, same with the version released a while ago.

  • babiloe

    Places at jailbreak version and nearby at lauched version. What are differences between them? Anyone?

  • lolz

    its keep crashed…i deleted n reinstall several times…still crashed on my ipad…anyway to open it?

  • Bobby

    Ok so I’m happy with this except that you can’t search for people who aren’t already in your friends list

  • DebTym

    its awesome. iPhone version was updated also! Love it!

  • junoc

    Can i chat on dis new version? Bcoz i cant find on my ipad:(