Facebook for iPad Now Available

Facebook has finally decided to release its official iPad app in the App Store. After months and months of waiting, the social networking giant decided to pull the trigger and release its iPad app.

Facebook for iPad was leaked a couple months ago, and jailbreakers were able to keep the iPad version running as long as the app wasn’t updated. The real version is finally out…

Unsurprisingly, the app looks identical to the version that was leaked back in July, with the addition of Facebook’s new Timeline view. Also, you can play Facebook games full screen and take advantage of improved app integration.

I’ve been using Facebook’s iPad app for months, and it’s pretty great. Browsing your feed, photos, and friends’ profiles is a nice experience. The UI design is also a great implementation of Facebook’s chat and check-in services.

As noted by This is my next, the Facebook for iPhone app is also getting updated with app bookmarks, improved notifications, and Facebook Credit support for in-app payments.

Facebook for iPad is populating in the App Store. Let us know if the update shows up for you in the App Store.

Check out Facebook’s iPad app webpage.

UPDATE: Facebook for iPad is alive and kicking. Download it in the App Store for free. There’s also a slick new web app for Mobile Safari.