Siri is Apple’s new flagship feature on the iPhone 4S. In fact, they’re counting on the iPhone 4S’ Siri integration to move units, as it’s an exclusive feature to the iPhone 4S.

But what some of you might not realize is this: Siri has already been available for the iPhone for quite some time now, in fact, it was just removed from the App Store in the last 24 hours.

In other words, it works on the original iPhone 4, quite similarly to the way it works on the new iPhone 4S, and we have the video to prove it…

Apple purchased Siri back in the spring, and has been working to tightly integrate it into iOS 5 ever since. Unfortunately, they’ve deemed it necessary to make it an iPhone 4S exclusive.

While I might buy the argument that Siri’s advanced features require the speedier hardware that’s only found in the 4S, it’s hard to argue that most of Siri’s features aren’t doable on older hardware after watching this video.

It’s even more difficult to reason, when you consider that the video showcases a Siri standalone app; hence, it’s not even integrated into iOS, and it still worked fairly well.

For this reason, I can see why iPhone 4 owners feel a bit slighted by the total lack of Siri support in iOS 5 for their devices. It seems like Apple could have at least included a basic version, if not a full blown version of the humble assistant.

Apparently, it’s not humble enough to run on outdated hardware.

  • Mirco B

    tsss apple 😉 because they’re as*holes they just want to make more money with the iphone 4s i think they allready have enough … but the iphone 4s is new iphone with better hardware but the same design i thinks thats ok but no siri for 4G devices ;( iH8sn0w working on this so i think in two or three weeks everybody got siri on his device 😀

  • Ty

    Downloading Vlingo a bit later. Apparently it’s more or less the same thing as Siri? Would be interested to see a comparison.

  • fitu

    I just downloaded it, but it won’t connect to the server.

    • Spencer

      If you could upload the ipa to some file sharing website and share the link here it would be awesome because it should work now

  • Joel

    I really hope the 4S doesn’t sell as good and Apple will put Siri in the Appstore for a reasonable price. Jeff, upgrading to a 4S just for Siri, do you think it’s worth it or just save that upgrade for the next iPhone? I know it has better specs but the main feature to me was Siri.

    • It is definitely worth the upgrade, if not for Siri, for the specs alone. But that’s going to be personal opinion. In my opinion, it’s worth it.

  • Frank

    Jeff, can you crack that one and upload the .ipa somewhere? 🙂 pleaseee pleasee!!

    • fitu

      it won’t work, I just tried it

  • When has Apple ever listened to rhyme or reason? Of course they /should/ support Siri on the iPhone4, but how would they force people to spend all that money upgrading to the 4S if they did that? For Apple, it’s not about satisfying customers, it’s about making the most money off us that they possibly can.

    • Emre SUMENGEN

      Yes, you are right.
      And Google and Microsoft are there to give you a foot massage…

      Wake up!

  • LT

    I hate Apple!!! Been a long time Apple Fanboy! iPhone 4s is a joke. They are forcing me to get the 4s just to get Siri? No thank you! I’d rather wait for the next iPhone (5) to come out. Now I am seriously thinking of jumping go Droid.

  • Roberto

    I think Siri is pretty awesome! being from Canada never had the chance to play with it, as it wasn’t an option in the App Sore.. but, I wouldn’t get the 4S for it, that’s just ridiculous.. I’m hoping the jailbreak community get’s it up and running on the 4G soon after the release date.. Hoping to JB my iphone 4G ios 5 ASAP!


    Siri is pretty cool, but, not worth the upgrade!

  • Eric

    So silly. The app can’t set your alarm or an alert or a calendar. An vlingo is a dictation app like dragon dictation. Does very little soil does. And the voice alone would require the A5. Stop acting like engineers and admit you don’t know shit and enjoy the beautiful product and it’s perfect software.

    • Emre SUMENGEN

      Wow, you really talk like you know something…

      (But you just don’t… LOL!)

  • someone

    jailbreakers will find a way to activate siri in ios5 on the Apple A4 devices, iphone4, iPod 4 and so on. I am 1000% sure they will find ways.

  • The new version is more tightly integrated with the iOS in that it can operate tasks on the phone and not just do web services. Maybe that is why it needs more CPU power and is an iPhone 4S exclusive. That’s just a thought, though 🙂

    I’m sure some devs will hack it onto iPhone 4. At least I hope so! 🙂 I’d love to have the option to add it to my device when jailbreaking (like when you got the option for multitasking on devices that weren’t suited for multitasking with iOS 4, you know)

  • i

    Since the app has been removed from the App Store, does anyone have a direct download link for the Siri IPA?