Why Apple Should Support Siri On the Original iPhone 4 [Video]

Siri is Apple’s new flagship feature on the iPhone 4S. In fact, they’re counting on the iPhone 4S’ Siri integration to move units, as it’s an exclusive feature to the iPhone 4S.

But what some of you might not realize is this: Siri has already been available for the iPhone for quite some time now, in fact, it was just removed from the App Store in the last 24 hours.

In other words, it works on the original iPhone 4, quite similarly to the way it works on the new iPhone 4S, and we have the video to prove it…


Apple purchased Siri back in the spring, and has been working to tightly integrate it into iOS 5 ever since. Unfortunately, they’ve deemed it necessary to make it an iPhone 4S exclusive.

While I might buy the argument that Siri’s advanced features require the speedier hardware that’s only found in the 4S, it’s hard to argue that most of Siri’s features aren’t doable on older hardware after watching this video.

It’s even more difficult to reason, when you consider that the video showcases a Siri standalone app; hence, it’s not even integrated into iOS, and it still worked fairly well.

For this reason, I can see why iPhone 4 owners feel a bit slighted by the total lack of Siri support in iOS 5 for their devices. It seems like Apple could have at least included a basic version, if not a full blown version of the humble assistant.

Apparently, it’s not humble enough to run on outdated hardware.