A while back, we ran a story that entitled: iOS 5 to Kill the Jailbreak Community? That was of course, before Apple unveiled iOS 5 at the 2011 WWDC at Moscone West.

The purpose of that article, was to call out Apple’s not so subtle means of usurping the jailbreak throne by making jailbreaking less glamorous, less desirable. Essentially, Apple was planning on taking some of the best features of jailbreaking, and bake it right into their new OS.

Since then, I’ve tested multiple betas of iOS 5 on everything including the iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad. While it does make quite a few of the jailbreak community’s apps — at best redundant, at worst, totally obsolete or unecesarry — it’s far from the end of the world for the jailbreak community.

In fact, I strongly feel that jailbreaking can and will be reinvigorated with iOS 5; inside, I’ll explain why…

End User Innovation is Far From Dead

More New Features = More New Opportunities

What Apple, and many others are failing to understand is this: The more new stuff you add to iOS, the more opportunities there are to improve or alter the experience.

Take iCloud for example. Wonderful idea, but its use is obviously restricted to whatever Apple deems necessary.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you had a PKGBackup like utility that backed up to iCloud, instead of to some 3rd party service like DropBox? How incredible would that be? How easy would that make restoring your iPhone just the way you like it?

And that, folks, is just the tip of the iceberg…

According to the screenshot from Apple’s iOS 5 section of their website, the new and improved OS has over 200 new features. Now lets say a mere 10% of those could realistically be improved or altered in some way, shape, or form, by individuals in the jailbreak community.

That’s over 20 new jailbreak apps or tweaks, and we’re not even considering multiple varieties or iterations of the same tweak or app.

It would’ve been one thing if Apple’s tried to curb jailbreaking by only adding tools that jailbreaking provided, but as with all major iOS updates, they’ve added a plethora of new features — features that are just dying to be customized and tailored to our specific needs.

For that reason alone, I’d say that there’s no way that iOS 5 curbs jailbreaking as much as Apple might hope it will. Sure notification center, and Wi-Fi Sync may convince a few people to stay stock this go around, but it surely won’t convince all.

In fact, I’d say with all of the cool stuff that’s bound to be created in the future, jailbreaking could actually gain in popularity after iOS 5 is released.

What do you say?

  • I agree with you. The more new features we get, the more the jailbreak community can improve on these features.

  • Userellis

    SBSettings and biteSMS.

    All that needs to be said in my eyes. I shall continue to get the best out of my iPhone 🙂

    • Rafael


    • Travis Pelley

      These are the reasons I jb!

  • Burge

    Jailbreaking is a long way from dying…iOS 5 will be the start of new tweaks and apps in the jailbreak community

  • CrazyBraulz

    I can’t wait!!!

  • mvd7793

    “What do you say?”

    I say that jailbreaking is never going to die because there will always be users interested in customizing their devices beyond what Apple will allow, and that this article says… just about nothing.

  • Sam

    I don’t think they killed it but you guys have too high if hopes here…what will happen is what happened to the apple tv..or iPod shuffle(the touch one). It will exist but nothing will actually happen (speaking in regards to icloud, or ota updates..)

  • DomPerignon

    I was skeptical before the release of the betas, but now I agree with you 100%.

  • Sam

    I don’t think they killed it but you guys have too high if hopes here…what will happen is what happened to the apple tv..or iPod shuffle(the touch one). The possibilities will exist but nothing will actually happen (speaking in regards to icloud, or ota updates..)

  • Jay

    i dont mean to be lazy on my opinion, but all i have to say is that i agree with you 110%

  • Massie

    I often hear people say that the Notification Center will take people away from the jailbreak scene, but to me it seems like a great new playground. I’m sure we’ll see a plethora of jb tweaks that make great use of the new notifications panel.

  • Spencer

    I just hope that when the new hardware appears, we wont have to wait as long as we did for iPad 2 unteathered jailbreak. God help us, Comex has joined the dark side.

    • Josh

      Comex aint nothing. Do you have any idea of how many bright minds there are in the jailbreak community? i0n1c, GeoHot, Musclenerd? It aint all over.

  • AltF4

    While Jailbreaking may certainly be ‘interesting’ and fun for iOS 5, I can guarantee that I am not going to do it until its an untethered JB (which could be a long time/never – See here: http://www.idownloadblog.com/2011/06/07/ios-5-killed-i0n1c-untether/ ), because the risk of having no phone, greatly outweighs the need for a cool phone. With a JB-ed (and even non-JB-ed) iPhone, it can restart at any moment, any second (and usually when it’s most inconvenient), and thus one would be highly screwed if not at a computer, and it is needed before that… which is when you need a phone the most typically (when not at a computer).
    Now, maybe if I had an iPad or an iTouch I would JB the iOS 5, so that way if it restarts its not big deal because its use isn’t as critical as having a connection to the world (a phone), and it simply wont be functional until back at a computer. But I wont be risking that with my phone, at all.

  • AltF4

    And also on that note… If i0n1c is highly doubtful that there will ever be an untethered JB again due to his exploit being closed, and comex being hired (as an intern, for now) with Apple (probably to work with debugging and reversing the kernels to prevent such exploits from ever surfacing to the public), then how much hope can we really have that such an untether will be found by someone savvy enough (with enough reverse engineering knowledge to know what to look for through the slew of assembly instructions) to take on such a chore. If teams like Dev-Team actually find a way for an iOS 5 untether I will be very surprised. I think it’s going to take a huge slip-up by Apple to let it’s product be [functionally (untethered)] used in ways that they disapproved of so much, that they were seeking out any legal means possible to have it violate US Copyright laws. But that is just my opinion on the matter. I do hope it’s wrong though.

  • bob


  • I won’t buy the new iPhone right away. I presume also the release of ios5. I will wait for the release of a jailbreak before my purchase. Tethered will do