Bummer. Apple has officially stated that it will not be streaming tomorrow’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” event, according to 9to5Mac.

Apple streamed live video of last year’s September event, but no such luck this year. UK journalists will get a private stream at the Covent Garden Apple Store in London.

The event will take place tomorrow at 10am PT, or 1pm ET (see what time the event will happen in your country). Apple deciding not to steam video doesn’t mean that the event won’t be available to download in podcast form on iTunes afterwards. The recording will likely be made available on Apple’s website and in iTunes a day or two after the event.

This also doesn’t mean that you can’t stay on top of the event as it happens! Keep your browser locked to iDownloadBlog for breaking news during the keynote.

  • Eko

    I am done with apple. They suck now.

    • Frank

      their PR sucks… their products rocks!

      • kurt

        their products are good. iOS is just a glorified app launcher. people want more than a glorified app launcher these days. get with it apple. but they wont

  • jedooonat

    If Apple isn’t streaming, then I hope bloggers will, like engadget or others.

  • Jbravo


  • Will someone from iDownloadBlog be at the keynote to live blog it?

    • We’re not invited at the keynote. We’ll however be blogging about every bit of news as it happens

      • Sebastien, that sucks that Apple hasn’t offered iDB an invitation!

        After all you do for the Apple community!

        Good thing you changed the name from iPhoneDownloadBlog to just iDownloadBlog! LOL

        I wonder if they invited that poor guy in So. San Fran that their so-called “Police” molested last month searching for the elusive “lost” iPhone 5??? Yea, they probably gave him an invite and a phone!!! LOL

        – Eric

      • Cameron Carlyon

        Yep saw that coming Sabastien, after all you guys do jailbreak… 😀

  • Mayank


  • Wms

    What time will this event be happening in the UK? Can anyone help?

  • Hasan

    engadget will have a live blog for the event

  • Eric

    It has never taken a day or two. It’s always posted hours later.

    • Rob Matthews


  • Tom

    Well, that sucks guess tomorrow ‘s press release ain’t nuttin special after all! Give me my Droid!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ken

    This it is Apple, iQuit.

  • Wms

    Why doesnt idb make an iphone app?

    • CrazyBraulz

      They have a web app… Just add it to your homescreen. 🙂 if you wanna find out how to do it, search it on iDB lol they have all of the information your heart desires about the iPhone.

      • CrazyBraulz

        Even RUMORS!!!

  • Jay

    why would any one want them to stream this fail of an event?! they’ll show off the same basic features (that were “borrowed” from jailbreak and previous app store apps) of iOS 5 like they did at WWDC. Then the’ll show us this “amazing”, yet completely pointless to half of iPhone users, feature called “Assistant.” And then we’ll see the biggest upset in Apple history since steve jobs was fired all those years ago, the same design that is supposed to stand against all the new devices that will be coming out in the next year. Good job apple, all you seem to do is disappoint any more. So again, why do you need to have them stream it, let alone check blogs to see the info? you already know practically everything. All you need to know is when this 15 month old device will be available.

    • sean

      I still want the stream, sorry it didn’t work or convience me

    • Ken

      Actually Apple kill itself by fighting with samsung.

  • Dylan

    If you have a twitter. Then follow @macrumorslive

  • fdxgncgfn

    crap, i was planning on streaming the keynote at my break time at school to everyone. My teachers are big Apple fans.

  • jo-macral

    I think we will get enough coverage via the tech blogs. I love live streaming, but we have to deal with what we a dealt. No need to whine and complain about it, just find some alternative way to get the info, or possibly a 3rd party site that is willing to stream the event for us.

  • mohgui

    probably Tim doesn’t want to be seen live in front of the whole wide world…

  • mopo

    OH CRAP… we r living in tech world!!! NOBODY attending at the conference heard of live video streaming? when apple doest want to cever it by it self nobody there doesnt want to??? hell there is even app for that… Ustream Broadcaster for iphone!!! lets get it running pls someone… thank you