With Apple expected to release iOS 5 to the public in the next few weeks, more and more details are coming out of the woodwork. The Cupertino company only demonstrated 10 of the software’s 200+ new features in June, so there’s a lot of room for discoveries.

Earlier today we told you about iOS 5’s secret Assistant feature, the Siri-based voice control system that will set Apple’s mobile OS apart from the competition. Now there is news coming in that the software will also include Facebook integration…

MacRumors posted screenshots of what appears to be a system-wide Facebook feature in iOS 5. One image depicts a Facebook pane in the iOS Settings app, and the other photo shows a user posting a picture to the social networking service from within Photos.

Obviously, Twitter has had system-level integration in iOS 5 since day one, so this doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch. This also lines up with rumors of Facebook announcing its iPad app at Apple’s purported October 4th event next week.

That doesn’t mean we aren’t skeptical of the images authenticity though. MacRumors themselves said they couldn’t confirm the images, and they also point out that because the photos look so similar to Twitter’s iOS 5 integration, they could easily be fake.

Also note that the “Update Status” font, compared to the Twitter function, seems to have a weird shadow-y effect, and the time in the status bar is also a bit sketchy. It reads 17.31 instead of 5:31 (which could be explained a number of ways, but it’s still odd).

There’s no way to know for sure what Apple will be unveiling next week, but we do know we’re in for some big surprises. Facebook integration would certainly make sense on Apple’s part, and I’m sure it would be appealing to folks who use the service regularly.

What do you think? Will iOS 5 have Facebook integration?

  • ian

    i think this is fake because what would be the point of an add friend button on a status update?

    • T-Will

      Guessing that’s the “tag a friend” button, then the “Friends” dropdown is who can see the post.

    • w3nK

      i think that is a tag button

    • Menace

      It’s not add a new friend, it’s add a specific friend to that particular post (i.e tagging).

    • Menace

      It’s not add a new friend, it’s add a specific friend to that particular post i.e tagging.

  • PeeisBASED

    It seems fair since FB is just as used as Twitter with some people. But we will just have to see.

  • Harro

    @ ian
    for tagging friends in a status

  • Alex

    it also says “adresses” lol

  • Dave

    I think it’s fake because addresses is spelled “adresses” underneath update contacts on the left screenshot. MacRumors noted this too.

  • Shaz

    well even if its not i hope someone mades a tweek to switch the twitter integration into a facebook one.

  • Wayne

    It’s only a model. [montypython]

    • BLiNK

      geez, showing your age a little bit there? haha

  • gabe

    Ok it might be fake but how is having 17.31 instead of 5:31 odd? I use a 24h clock.

    • Wouldnt it be 17:31 instead of 17.31?why would it be a period?

      • Gabe

        It was a typo. I meant to say 17:31. But that isn’t even the point to my comment

  • John

    Haha what a comment… It would write 17:31 on almost every iPhone in the world except US ones. Nobody uses this AM/PM stuff over here 😉

  • Aaron

    I think there should be Twitter widgets and Facebook widgets in Notification Centre.. Just saying..

  • MrBig

    Cody you are funny, ask Sebastien, where he comes from (Europe) it’s 17:31 not 5:31 AM… change the location on your iPhone and learn about a new time format!
    As long as we’re talking about this maybe some of you guys can learn something more: When you see 24.12.2011 somewhere that is christmas eve in a very common date format and not a phony screenshot! 😀

    • I think Cody knows that. What he means that this screenshot wasn’t sent from the US, most likely from Europe. It’s a fake anyway, so let’s move on 🙂

  • Ahmed

    Facebook intergration…is this feature copied from WP7? I guess that’s not possible because Apple doesn’t copy.

    • Alex

      They sure don’t.

  • -duh-

    The lack of the percentage battery level wasn’t a big enough hint?

    • Richard W

      That is an option on the iPhone. Settings>General>Usage. I have it set because personally i find knowing the percent battery left as useful as a pictoral indicator with less clutter.

      @Ahmed can you really copy intergration? What exactly have they copied?

  • It could be true. Even so Apple and Facebook are enemies but their biggest enemy is Google, So they don’t mind uniting together to find their common enemy.

    Life is full of surprises…lets wait and see.

  • Alan

    Actually, Apple cooperates much with Apple, since the vast majority of mobile searches are performed from iOS devices even, despite the Android’s deep integration of Google services. There’s a well known anegdote of Steve Jobs calling Google’s main designer because he noticed an issue in Google app’s logo typography (and it’s very much Steve Jobs – like 😉

  • kokhean

    The time format is not wrong, it’s 5.31 A.M.
    “Addresses” is spelt wrong.
    65% fake, it is edited on a jailbroken firmware.

  • Sara F

    Windows Phone 7 includes Twitter, Facebook (and others) integration, so why leave it out of iOS5? Fake or no fake – it makes sense to include a feature which does integrate with the ‘biggest’ social media sites.