iOS 5 to Include Even Deeper Twitter Integration, Letting You Tweet From Anywhere?

We already know that iOS 5 will bring deep Twitter integration to iDevices. So far, we’ve confirmed that iOS 5 will let you tweet pictures from the Photos app, your location from the Maps app, and a link from Safari or the YouTube application.

One thing we know it’s not doing at the moment is letting you send a tweet from anywhere, without attaching an image, your location, or a link. Well folks, it seems that Apple is working on a way to integrate Twitter even more with iOS, by letting you tweet from anywhere

While we don’t have any hard evidence confirming this information so far, we want to point you to a tweet that Jake Behrens, a developer for Apple, sent out yesterday. Do you see anything special in there?

As you can tell, the tweet was sent via “iOS” but it doesn’t include any link, location, or picture. Furthermore, the content of this message smells like a test tweet to me.

With today’s news that Cupertino might be looking into letting developers create widgets for iOS 5, I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple and Twitter were testing a new widget that would allow users to tweet from anywhere in iOS 5, just like qTweeter currently does for jailbreakers.

I predict that the Twitter integration in iOS 5 will be even deeper than we previously thought. Who’s not excited about that?