When it comes to Spotlight on the iPhone, there are two camps. Ones who use it, and others that find it completely worthless.

If you’re in the latter camp, perhaps SLShortcuts will change your mind? It’s an upcoming jailbreak tweak, which allows you to run custom text commands directly from your Spotlight search…

SLShortcuts includes options to check the time, date, launch favorite websites, apps, and more. All of this is accomplished using only your Spotlight search.

The developer build I was able to play with included case sensitivity, which allows for more complex text commands, but at the same time could prove to be an inconvenience due to the iPhone’s auto-capitalization feature. Let’s hope the developer gives us a choice on this matter upon release.

This tweak reminds me a lot of SpotEnhancer, a similar tweak by the same developer, but one that lacks the customization that SLShortcuts brings to the table.

If you’re interested, stay tuned; it should be released on the Cydia store in the near future for $0.99.

What are your thoughts on this upcoming tweak?

  • Taylor Harris

    First word, second sentence:
    “One’s” doesn’t need an apostrophe. It’s not expressing ownership nor abbreviation or contraction.

    • Taylor: I could have sworn I fixed that prior to posting, thanks!

      • Taylor Harris

        No problem! I hate it when I do the same thing by accident. I wasn’t trying to be pretentious. And if you made that post from your iPhone, it probably auto-“corrected” what you typed.

  • Taylor Harris

    It would really be cool of you could launch terminal commands from spotlight, along with getting an output display. Maybe, “Tt” then inserting the command text after a space? (e.g. Tt deb -i /var/mobile/Downloads/cydia-newversion.deb). That would make installing new versions of Cydia a breeze!

  • Hakan

    It is a good tweak but my opinion is that this tweak is for lazy people xd

  • mallouk

    i think i will always like to browse my apps by swiping from page to page, and knowing exactly where every thing is supposed to be…
    as for websites, i think “FOR ME” ill prefer bookmarks…

    this is for sure a good tweek but not for me for sure…

  • This tweak is for lazy people, and like most people…I am lazy! SLShortcuts helps me actually put my Spotlight to good use, otherwise it is just another page in the way when I scroll through,