SpotEnhancer: Quickly Launch Apps with Spotlight Commands

For his final TweakWeek entry, Andrea Oliva gives us SpotEnhancer. This unique jailbreak utility puts a different spin on quick launching apps, by allowing users to open apps with Spotlight Search commands.

SpotEnhancer gives you several commands that can do anything from open a new text message, to launch a Google search. There are even commands for your favorite social networking apps…


With SpotEnhancer, the entire utility exists in your Spotlight search bar. So no additional icons are added to your springboard, and there are no settings to customize. Once the tweak is installed, just enter one of these commands:

  1. Get date – Displays the current date
  2. Get time – Displays the current time
  3. New message – Opens a new outgoing text message
  4. New mail – Opens a newout going email
  5. New call – Launches the dial pad
  6. Google – Launches Safari to
  7. Yahoo – Launches Safari to
  8. Bing – Launches Safari to
  9. FB – Launches Safari to
  10. Twitter user – Search Twitter for @user* (opens Safari to*)

Commands like Get date and time are a bit useless in my opinion, unless your device is customized to the point where neither is instantly visible. You’d also think that the commands would be much shorter, like gd for Get date (Xpandr?).

I did, however, find the New message commands for text and email to be helpful. I also liked the ability to search for Twitter users without needing to launch an application.

All in all, this utility could really come in handy for someone who excessively uses the above-listed tasks. If you want to give it test run, SpotEnhancer is available for free from the default Cydia repos.

What do you think of SpotEnhancer? Do you prefer a similar app?