Between all the reports and case leaks we’ve seen over the last several months, we have a pretty good idea of what the iPhone 5 looks like. The tear drop design, with the capacitive home button, has been documented by several sources.

But with more and more rumors pointing to the Cupertino company only unveiling one handset this Fall, the iPhone 4S, a lot of folks are wondering what to expect. As usual, graphic design artists have used their skills to help us predict the future…

Since March of this year (and maybe even before that) we’ve heard multiple reports that Apple’s next smartphone would bear a striking resemblance to its predecessor. That phone was later dubbed (by the media) as the iPhone 4S.

Even though it will look a lot like the previous model, there will be some differences. The handset will likely include a better camera, 8MP, and the processor will almost certainly be switched out for the blazing fast A5 (as seen in the iPad 2).

There has also been speculation that the screen will be stretched out further across the device’s frame. This would shrink the border around the display, but allow for as much as a .5 inch increase in viewing area.

Sure, these renders aren’t half as beautiful as some of the designs we’ve seen. But save for a little bit thinner profile, they could be very close to what we see come out of Cupertino this year. Our fingers and toes are still crossed for a redesigned model though.


  • Jen

    Does Justin bieber have one yet?

  • No Music icon = FAIL

    • Julian


  • David

    OMG what a retard.

    • Chewy

      You can tell that person never owned an iPhone. Hah!

    • Josh

      Actually, he is in some way right. If this iPhone 4S (fake by the way) actually DOES have iOS 5, as shown in the picture, then that iPod icon shouldn’t be there, but A MUSIC ICON. Because, as you “smartasses” should know, iOS 5 splits the iPod app into Music and Video.

      BAM! You just got owned.

  • Zero

    lmao! I guess you guys right he never been touch one or own one 😀
    iPod = Music…

  • Climor

    You dumbasses, JoeFH is right. iOS 5 splits up the iPod to Music and Movies. CLEARLY you haven’t put enough effort to check this out yourselves at
    Oh, and I’m a developer and have the iOS 5 beta on my iPhone, so don’t even think of taunting me off…

    • Acolz

      Oh if you’re a developer you should know you can unify(is that the right word?) the music an video icon back in 1 icon = iPod
      And why does it even matter I like it more as iPod

  • Coy

    Can you have ringtones on the iphone 4s? hahahahahahahahah

    • Acolz

      Why not? I have ringtones on my 3G dude

  • Monkeyboy23

    Zero, chewy, and David = bunch of retards

    • Climor

      Well said, mate 🙂

    • Josh

      TRIPLE KILL! I love it when people don’t know what they’re talking about, yet they do it with such confidence.

      • David

        I’m not hiding anything you bellend.

    • David

      No you’re the retard, if the iPhone 4S/5 comes out it will ship with iOS 5 that splits the iPod app into the music and video apps just like an iPod. So shut up and move.

      • Josh

        Dude. You already said shit. There’s no point in trying to hide it.

  • Binary-Stalker

    No need to start a fight over a misunderstanding.

  • OCD Steve Jobs

    iOS 5 has MUSIC not an iPod app…didn’t anyone notice that the iOS 5 is written iOs5…why make such mistakes. silly designer

  • Taylor Harris

    Why has every new post on this blog since the beginning of this year turned into an attempt to rephrase the same information into 150 different ways? “Here’s what the iPhone 5 COULD look like”; “What we know so far about the iPhone is…”; “So and so confirms that the iPhone looks like…” and none of the actual information in the post is anything new or different from the previous posts. This blog used to provide captivating information with every post but recently, the quality of the posts has really started diminishing. I’ve gotten to where instead of checking the blog once or twice a day, I check it maybe once every one to two weeks. I just thought all of the admins would want honest reader feedback like this since the interest of the readers is essentially what funds all of you in the first place.

    • Jasper

      Well said.

      • John doe

        Do you know how hard it is to keep blogging everyday about iphone and trying to find acual NEW news to post? Its much easier to just keep repeating the same thing over and over again.

      • Taylor Harris

        Obviously 🙂

  • Trev

    Is everyone missing the fact that they put a wifi antenna on the back of the phone when the metal band supports wifi?

  • All this bitching at each other is very amusing lol

  • Alex

    In iOS5, there is no iPod app, Apple split it into Music and Video hurr hurr

  • Alex

    In iOS5, there is no iPod app, Apple split it into Music and Video hurr hurr.