Here’s What the iPhone 4S Could Look Like

Between all the reports and case leaks we’ve seen over the last several months, we have a pretty good idea of what the iPhone 5 looks like. The tear drop design, with the capacitive home button, has been documented by several sources.

But with more and more rumors pointing to the Cupertino company only unveiling one handset this Fall, the iPhone 4S, a lot of folks are wondering what to expect. As usual, graphic design artists have used their skills to help us predict the future…

Since March of this year (and maybe even before that) we’ve heard multiple reports that Apple’s next smartphone would bear a striking resemblance to its predecessor. That phone was later dubbed (by the media) as the iPhone 4S.

Even though it will look a lot like the previous model, there will be some differences. The handset will likely include a better camera, 8MP, and the processor will almost certainly be switched out for the blazing fast A5 (as seen in the iPad 2).

There has also been speculation that the screen will be stretched out further across the device’s frame. This would shrink the border around the display, but allow for as much as a .5 inch increase in viewing area.

Sure, these renders aren’t half as beautiful as some of the designs we’ve seen. But save for a little bit thinner profile, they could be very close to what we see come out of Cupertino this year. Our fingers and toes are still crossed for a redesigned model though.