Folks, it looks like the ‘iPhone 4s’ naming designation is indeed the real deal. Just a few minutes ago, Chronic posted an image of new OtterBox packaging that includes the iPhone 4S naming designation printed on the box.

Given Chronic’s (real name: Will Strafach) history of posting accurate rumors, we advise you all to start getting used to calling the next iPhone an iPhone 4S…

The rear of the box also reveals newly designed and placed volume buttons. The volume buttons have moved from the left side of the iPhone, as they have been on all previous iterations of the iPhone, to the right side of the device.

Chronic speculates that the relocation of the volume buttons is due to the new volume button/camera shutter feature in iOS 5. This way, the volume buttons will be near the iPhone’s camera lens instead of opposite the lens. By doing this, Apple is allowing aspiring photographers to take photos in a more traditional point and shoot method.

Interestingly, on OtterBox’s website, they still refer to the product as being compatible for the iPhone 4, though, that’s likely just to cover their tracks until the next iPhone is officially unveiled at the beginning of October.

This news confirms that we will see an iPhone 4S, but it doesn’t rule out the likelihood that we will also see an all new iPhone 5 unveiled as well. What do you think?

Stay tuned ladies and gentlemen, things are getting very interesting.

  • Eric

    Nice post. This pretty much confirms the iPhone 4S but the rumor mill is still suggesting 2 new iPhone releases. So i guess we will just have to sit back and watch. Or wait for more photos to surface. Thanks for the article!

  • rmf420

    Don’t know why there’s been so much speculation about two iphone’s being released this year…. that just makes no sense at all to me!! Taking into account that this year the iphone release has been delayed, it would just be a lot easier, and smarter business-wise for apple to wait until 2012 for the iphone5 release. Apple has never released 2 new different versions of the same product at the same time that I know of…

    • In this case it’s slightly different due to the new OS & makes Perfect sense. I don’t believe it’s going to be a complete overhaul eg with faster processor etc. That wouldn’t make sense unless it’s cheaper. It will be a slight redesign to suit the new camera functionality.

      Can you imagine Apple continuing the iPhone 4 as it is with their strict policies? I have iOS5 & despite just turning the phone around to use the shutter button as you normally would on top I noticed the photos & videos are actually upside down when I transfered them on a windows box. So for the i4 the best thing is to use your thumb.

      Now the downside & highly annoying aspect to this is my i4 is going to be pushed back 2 generations reducing the value “much” more than it would have normally. I had every intention of keeping it for another 2 years but selling it is definitely on the cards now.

  • Alex

    This proves nothing. Don’t be such a gullible sap.

    First of all, it’s not an actual case. Anyone can make a cardboard box and print text and graphics on it.

    I will belive it when I see hardware or an actual case. This is just more rumor mill crap.

    • If this was from some no one, that would be one thing. Considering the source of the info, I trust it. Look at the source, he has a track record.

  • Henrik Hadberg

    In Denmark there have called iPhone 4 for iPhone 4’s in 1 year now.
    So this pic. Can be very fake.. Plz give mé your mail adress, then i go to town and Make Many pics of

  • Otterbox spent 800K in packaging and materials to get these iPhone 4S cases put together. There’s no way on earth that this is just to get attention.

  • Although it’s worth noting that Otterbox on Twitter (@Otterbox) is totally denying these leaks.

    • Well, they would never publicly admit it though. It would be like committing business-with-apple-suicide.

      • Yeah, their denials seem a bit tounge-in-cheek.

      • BLTKOR

        if that is the case then they would have to change the packaging no? they can’t deny that these cases are fake and then release there product with the original leaked packages.. i guess this may cost otterbox more than 800k.

      • No, I can’t see why they would change the packaging. It’s done, it’s done.

  • ohh really? where did he get it? why isnt the case still in there?

  • Jay

    why did the guy take a picture at an angle of the front of the box? idk why but that seems a tad suspicious to me. I’m still hoping for redesign. Still hate this box shape, glass back to back design.

    • jgns

      It’s harder to photoshop an “S” onto an angled picture like that. Proving that the “S” is in fact printed on the box.

  • fdxgncgfn

    how would otterbox know?

  • jo-macral

    Apple approved accessory manufacturers would know the details about the iDevices they are designing accessories for. This is why there are always a waft of accessories to accompany any newly introduced device.

  • Jeff

    These photos have fake written all over them. First lets consider the source of the images, chronic. He’s just a blogger, why would we believe anything he says? Secondly, the “S” on the first image is CLEARLY larger than the “4.” Thirdly, ANYONE can make a cardboard box. Whose to say that this wasn’t a school project that someone who is going into marketing did? There is a box, but no case…. doesn’t that seem a bit odd to you? Also, why would Apple change the location of the volume buttons? Wouldn’t a 4S be just like a 3Gs with no external physical changes?

    • Chris

      Just a blogger? rofl.

  • Jeff

    There it is folks. As the old adage says, “don’t believe everything you read on the internet.”

    • Chris

      If we’re to not believe everything we read on the internet why believe Otterbox’s denial? Contradiction much?