The ‘iPhone 4S’ is Real, And This New OtterBox Case Proves It

Folks, it looks like the ‘iPhone 4s’ naming designation is indeed the real deal. Just a few minutes ago, Chronic posted an image of new OtterBox packaging that includes the iPhone 4S naming designation printed on the box.

Given Chronic’s (real name: Will Strafach) history of posting accurate rumors, we advise you all to start getting used to calling the next iPhone an iPhone 4S…

The rear of the box also reveals newly designed and placed volume buttons. The volume buttons have moved from the left side of the iPhone, as they have been on all previous iterations of the iPhone, to the right side of the device.

Chronic speculates that the relocation of the volume buttons is due to the new volume button/camera shutter feature in iOS 5. This way, the volume buttons will be near the iPhone’s camera lens instead of opposite the lens. By doing this, Apple is allowing aspiring photographers to take photos in a more traditional point and shoot method.

Interestingly, on OtterBox’s website, they still refer to the product as being compatible for the iPhone 4, though, that’s likely just to cover their tracks until the next iPhone is officially unveiled at the beginning of October.

This news confirms that we will see an iPhone 4S, but it doesn’t rule out the likelihood that we will also see an all new iPhone 5 unveiled as well. What do you think?

Stay tuned ladies and gentlemen, things are getting very interesting.