Since its creation in 2008, Apple’s App Store has changed the way we buy software. It also revolutionized the rest of the industry, with Google, RIM, Nokia and others quickly following with their own app marketplaces.

WebPageFX created an interesting infographic showing differences between the major app stores. Statistics include OS distribution, percentage of paid vs. free apps in each directory, average apps downloaded by device, average app cost, and total 2010 revenue from all apps sold…

Click for full image:


  • Samuel

    Nice! 😀

  • Brandon

    I love infographics. they blow my mind.

  • revvxz

    Lol, fanboy.

  • Mu’aawiyah

    Stop playing with words. We are not talking about ‘a place to buy apps’ but rather we are talking about an integrated piece of software cooked into the os where one can pay for and download applications after being added to a central repository monitored and delivered by the os owners’. Windows never had that until after Apple, and websites that list programs don’t count either as the concept was used by everyone for a while.

    Stop being such a hater man!!!