It’s that time of year again. Forbes Magazine has released its annual list of who’s who in the world of money hoarding. This particular list ranks the top 400 richest men in America, according to net worth.

The usual suspects are all present. Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, remains at number one with $59 billion dollars. Warren Buffet comes in second with $39 billion. So, where does Steve Jobs rank on the list?

Jobs has amassed a fortune worth a whopping $7 billion dollars. That was enough to put him at number 39, behind other tech leaders like Mark Zuckerburg (number 14) and Jeff Bezos (number 13) of Amazon.

Jobs, one of Apple’s co-founders, recently stepped down as CEO of the company. His resignation last month came in the wake of severe ongoing health problems, and Jobs has since been named Chairman of the Board at Apple Inc.


  • AMERICA? I hate it when you “patriots” refer as America to the US… damn, america is a CONTINENT you FOOLS!!! NOT a country!!!

    • as


      • DH88

        Shut the hell up, you self-aggrandizing bastards. Who cares? When people say/hear/read the word America used in that context, it becomes apparent that it is synonymous with the U.S. of A. PLUS, even by your own logic, you are still wrong. Who on this website has ever heard of the continent America? I have heard of North America and South America, but no ‘America’. Find some better outlet for your time than being an ostentatious troll.

      • Please, be my guest and search a little bit before talking this nonsense…érica

        The Americas, or America[1][2] (Spanish: América, Portuguese: América, French: Amérique, Quechua: Amirika, Guaraní: Amérika, Aymara: Amërika, Dutch: Amerika),[3] are lands in the Western hemisphere, also known as the New World. In English, the plural form the Americas is often used to refer to the landmasses of North America and South America with their associated islands and regions while the singular form America is primarily used to refer to the United States of America.[2][4][5] The Americas cover 8.3% of the Earth’s total surface area (28.4% of its land area) and contain about 13.5% of the human population (about 900 million people).

        “In English, […] the singular form America is primarily used to refer to the United States of America.”

        It is used just by you, the yankies of the US, who think they are the best of the world…

        You heard of North America and South America, but no “America” because in your great country they WANT people to refer themselves as Americans…. THIS IS THE WAY THEY TEACH YOU AND MANIPULATE THE POPULATION

      • DH88

        Thank you for that. I needed a good laugh.

        A) Wikipedia is your source? Wikipedia is not a valid source for research. Ever.

        B) You have completely misinterpreted my previous post in order to continue your xenophobic conspiracy theory bullshit. You said, and I quote, “america [sic] is a CONTINENT you FOOLS”. As your own ‘research’ points out, America is in fact not a continent. However, North America and South America are. Had you said “America is a land mass in the western hemisphere composed of the continents North America and South America and their associated islands” we would not be having this debate.

        C) I never said you were wrong that the term ‘America’ often refers to the U.S. In fact, if you were capable of reading and processing the written language at a level higher than that of a 7 year-old, you would have seen that I agreed with that notion. Furthermore, us ‘yanks’ do commonly refer to ourselves as Americans… seeing as how that is the globally accepted demonym for residents of the united states. As for thinking we are the best in the world, I am in fact very proud of my country, as are many of my fellow Americans. However, the constant strife we face politically, economically, and socially are very real problems. Ergo, while I believe that there are things that we do better than any other country, I am not naive enough to flaunt the claim that ‘we are the best country in the world’, as that belief is highly subjective and quite frankly, I think no country meets that criteria.

        D) Your concluding remarks make very little sense. I have, in fact, heard of ‘America’, which we have both agreed is a common manner of referring to the U.S.A. Additionally, ‘America’ is also used to refer to the land masses of North and South America and all of their associated regions. What I have not heard of is a continent known as the singular word ‘America’. This is why language incorporates contextual clues; so that those with a cognitive capacity higher than that of an imbecile are capable of interpreting words for which there are multiple meanings.

        E) As a concluding thought, I am more interested in your conspiracy theory. Who exactly are they? Simply us yanks, or the countless people around the globe from all walks of life who frequently refer to residents of the U.S.A. as Americans? Furthermore, if you can think of an alternative demonym for residents of the United States besides Americans, I would be very interested to hear it.

      • hxclos

        @DH88 He must think we are from the country Yanksylvania or something.

    • hxclos

      Such an ignorant comment. But I could see this coming from someone who sites Wikipedia as a source XD

    • OCD Steve Jobs

      it’s most definitely just America. no need to say the UNITED STATES of….too long. germans call it Amerika. i’ll let you guess what that translates too

      i win

      • OCD Steve Jobs

        to* hehe

  • babe

    Zuckerburg sounds strange…heh

  • Channnnn

    wikipedia is awesome…. haters. but lucas. stfu.

  • MrBig

    In Europe we refer to americans as a US citizen, just because there is no other word.
    The word America is not a continent, but North, South and Central America are.
    I guess that counts as an opinion with Europe having more people (ca. 800 million people) than e.g. North America itself or the yet to mention american continent the first two idiots come frome…

    • blockman

      so i’m just curious… what would a European person call someone from Canada, or Mexico?
      i’m pretty sure no one who lives on the North American continent refers to themselves as “North American”
      I think we call ourselves “Americans” because it sounds better than “US citizen” or “United States of American”… and to differentiate ourselves from our two neighboring countries.

      • OCD Steve Jobs

        i lived in german/spain/china/south korea…we are referred to as americans…don’t let left wingers tell you otherwise

  • Kurto

    United states of America. Or America for short. In german it’s also called “Amerika”

    America it is. Why? We are the only country to include it in our name. I win.

  • Jason Masters

    So how bout them yankees??……..(crickets)

  • Ethos

    Americans interest is just about who is richer and who has better car they are concerned only in money