There’s been a lot of speculation regarding the design of the iPhone 5 over the past few weeks. Initially, the device wasn’t expected to look too much different than its predecessor. But now there’s a stack of evidence suggesting otherwise.

The images that recently surfaced on Case-Mate’s website added fire to the controversy, as many folks didn’t care for the mockups in the photos. Well cheer up. iPhoneItalia just published some pictures regarding the new handset’s design…

The Italian tech site posted some images yesterday of what appears to be a volume rocker switch, a mute button, and a power key. They claim they’ve received the photos from a reliable source, and they believe that the parts belong to the iPhone 5.

What’s interesting here is that if the parts are actually for Apple’s upcoming smartphone, they do give us some insight to the device’s design. First, notice the volume buttons.

After the Case-MateGate scandal, the tech world was up in arms about the iPod touch-like volume rocker switch depicted in the iPhone 5 mockups. But the image above shows round, separated buttons, like the ones found on the iPhone 4.

Then there’s the mute switch, which iPhoneItalia describes as backwards compared to the switch on current models. They believe this confirms the rumors of the mute switch being moved to the right side of the handset on the iPhone 5.

While the opposite-side mute switch lines up with the dozens of purported iPhone 5 cases we’ve seen, the volume buttons don’t. All of the cases have pointed to thin, separated volume buttons, so we’re not sure who to believe at this point.

With the end of September approaching, Apple is running out of time to meet the expected October 4 deadline for its announcement. So we are bound to hear something out of Cupertino soon. Or so we hope.

  • jo-macral

    Blue buttons… interesting to see how the rest of the phone looks.

    • Nicii

      They aren’t blue at all – Just a protective layer of plastic that you can remove with your nail – iPhone 4 and 3GS spare parts also look like this when shipped in bulk-formats 🙂

  • Wojtek

    A little blur on the photos and regular iPhone 4 buttons make it to the front page as another leaked iPhone 5 parts…

  • Berto

    Those are not blue buttons, it’s just the blue protective tape used on pre-assembled parts to avoid scratches on the metal.

  • jo-macral


    Makes sense. These could be iPhone 4 parts then.. only time will tell.

  • There’s no doubt that these parts are from the iPhone 4.

  • Eddie

    Yeah those are iPhone 4 parts

  • I Don’t Know and Don’t Pretend To

    @Eddie, @Cory

    No. Those are Cadillac Coupe DeVille parts.

    Shut the fuck up. Stop acting like you know. Who’s to say they’re not gonna use the same style buttons? Fucking idiots.

    The iPhone 3G and 3GS were practically identical. I wonder many morons were on the Internet acting like they knew exactly what parts were going to be on the 3GS. I’ll bet you knuckleheads were.

    • Jen

      You have a vagina!

    • Nicii

      You are a manwhore!

      • John doe

        You both have a mangina!

    • Your and asshat

      If it’s the same as an iPhone 4, then what the fuck is the point of releasing this as alleged iPhone 5 parts. Who the fuck cares, if they are both the same.

      If these are NOT iPhone 4 parts (which they ARE btw), then the iPhone 5 is not the fantastic piece of modern art it’s made out to be, which is highly unlikely due to other reports.

  • Eric

    Should be interesting to see! I wish Apple would hurry the fuck up! The suspense is kill us! Just no telling what Apple has up their sleeve…

    • jo-macral


  • 4guy

    I bet the phone will be brown like poo because it sounds shitty

  • 4guy

    I bet the phone will be brown like poo because it sounds crappy

  • DomPerignon

    I don’t get the point with these speculations when in two weeks we’ll get the phone. Please, stop these non-sense type of blogs.

    • kurt

      this is apple…if you think it will be in two weeks. think again and wait longer. they should get their act together and learn how to make an phone already. jk