There seems to be a plethora of jailbreak tweaks available in Cydia that allow you to customize the look and feel of your iPhone’s folders, and the latest such tweak is titled FolderIcons.

What is it that separates this folder altering tweak from the recently released Beautifolders, and the staple that is FolderEnhancer? Find out inside as we go in-depth with FolderIcons on video…

Like Beautifolders, FolderIcons allows you to create your own custom folder image representations, but it goes a step further in allowing you to disable the folder background and shadow effects.

Upon testing this tweak, I did stumble upon an interesting bug that prevents you from accessing the Settings app, if you happen to rename a folder that the tweak has been applied to. Be sure to check out the video for some more details on the bug, and how to work around it.

All in all, FolderIcons is sort of like an amped up Beautifolders, but the two are still unique enough to warrant checking them out individually. Neither are of course as feature rich, or as deep as the famed FolderEnhancer, but that’s not really the niche that they’re aiming for here.

Have you tried out either tweak? Which one do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Chris

    Jeff, do you personally prefer this over Beautifolders?

    • No, I prefer Beautifolders.

  • James

    What about creating other folders, I have a games folder and an applications folder and that’s it, I don’t want my apps folder opening and being named untilities just so I can use the custom icon.

    • Chris

      That’s why I like beautifolders. But I haven’t tried FolderIcons yet.

  • James

    Doesn’t work at all for me, neither did beautifolders, I use springtomize and infinifolders and no matter what i do they never change.

    • erydan

      Same here… I have had this for a few days and it does nothing for me. Going to try Beautifolders now.

      • James

        that did nothing for me either lol, just gave me the grey folders, i even made custom 1s and followed the guide to the letter and still nothing, waste of time lol

  • DIno

    Jeff, how do you add different icons to change the folder icon?

    • James

      You have to add the icons into var/mobile/media/foldericons .. they should be 114 x 114

      • DIno

        where do I get into that directory? through ifile? Sorry I’m a bit lost.

      • James

        Ye iFile or something on the pc or mac like cyberduck or iFunBox

  • Randy Wheeler

    Please help me. My IBooks will not work and I do not know the fix. I have the CDMA 4.2.8 (Iphone4) Cydia 1.1.1. Can you please send me a link where I can fix my Ibooks so I can use my IBooks. Please send me the link to my email. I am very sorry to be totally off subject but would very much love to fix my IBooks.

  • Rob Matthews

    Jeff, how do you remove the carrier name? I assume you use Springtomize. If so, do you know of any alternatives that will also remove the carrier name?

  • Max

    Where can I find custom made icons?

  • Steve

    I second Max’s question. For the less artistically inclined, is there anyone who had made a collection of base icons such as Games, Jailbreak Apps, etc.. ?

  • Alfroggy

    Hi. I personally prefer Beautifolders to FolderIcons.
    The fact of having the original IOS folder icon appearing behind the custom image you add happens only if the image is of the wrong size.
    I fiddled a lot with the tweak and it’s been upgraded several times, meaning the dev cares. I edited Edius HD and Metius Winterboard themes icons to have matching folder icons according to the theme checked in Beautifolders. You no longer have to respring on changing these !
    I found out that the least bother is achieved by applying a WB theme with tiny folder icons png’s with transparency all around so that no part of the background appears through.
    You thus could theme your folders with transparency. I prefer editing the Beautifolders themes’s plists so as to prevent the apps within themed icons to show their miniature icons on top.

  • I loved Foldericon but now for some reason it started crashing my Springboard. I tried the ole un-install re-install to no avail. Then I noticed that the Foldericon folder was still in the /var/mobile/Media folder on my iphone even though i would do uninstall package on iphone and refresh with my SSH prog to see if foldericon folder was still there and yes. So i though maybe preferences of some sort are stored and not deleted as well so corrupting the app launch. at a loss. I will try other.

  • Keenan

    I can’t get FolderIcons to show up in Settings. Hmm…

  • iOS 7 :3