Actor and tech entrepreneur Ashton Kutcher is known for his many roles on the sliver screen, as well as the numerous tech startups that he’s funded. He is currently in the process of shooting the Two And A Half Men TV show as Charlie Sheen’s replacement.

Mr. Kutcher apparently has some influence with the folks at Apple in Cupertino, in fact, Apple internally refers to an upcoming feature in iOS 5 as “The Kutcher.” Why? We have absolutely no idea…

The Next Web passes along a recent interview with Mr. Kutcher and TV Guide:

“It’s Week 3 of work on the Two and a Half Men set, and Ashton Kutcher is still getting to know his costars. Conversation drifts toward mobile phones, and Kutcher reveals there’s a feature on the iPhone 5 that Apple internally calls “The Kutcher.”

What’s “The Kutcher”? “An in-mail editable text expander,” the actor explains. Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones are dumbfounded. “Jon, how many times did we have this same conversation with Charlie?” jokes 17-year-old Jones. Cryer quips back: “All the time. He was always talking about the new spellcheck on the iPhone.”

iOS 5’s ‘Shortcut’ feature acts a lot like TextExpander, giving the user the ability to add inputted strings of text that can be recognized anywhere in the OS through predefined text shortcuts. (Think: “sship” = [insert my shipping address])

While we’re unsure as to why Apple has internally named this feature after Ashton Kutcher, we’re sure there’s a reason there somewhere. Developers can test out the Shortcuts feature in the iOS 5 beta right now.

  • Ha ha! I doubt it!

    Kutcher was being interviewed, Celebs say stuff (Crap) like that all the time to get buzz and free publicity! See it worked here with iDownloadBlog! 😛

    If Apple employees are actually doing as Kutcher says, then it probably is more out of dis-respect since Ashton shortcut his career by marrying Demi.

    – Eric

    • James

      He’s a douche aswell, 2 and a half men won’t be a patch on how good it was with Sheen, Kutcher just isn’t funny at all, he’ll be the demise of the show, mark my words.

      • +1 LOL You are RIGHT!!!

  • kokhean

    I have tried it before. It works great!

  • zeboulon

    Kutcher replaces a bad person… Perhaps the Apple Kutcher is the new and improved notification system…

  • CostaXtreme

    i “created” “this tweak” long time ago…. let me show you.
    images talk by themself. sorry for the url

    ht tp://

    • this is not the same.. at all. Good try though. Having words when you hold the keys instead of the alternate symbols makes the keyboard and the OS look bad as fuuuhhh

  • CostaXtreme

    and by the way…. on apple’s new feature, you can´t write emails 😉 coff coff

  • It’s called the Kutcher because Kutcher replaced Sheen and this feature is replacing it’s Cydia counterpart.

    • So…….

      “Kutcher” is the new term for “Sloppy-Seconds”???

      Is that right?!

  • oasis360

    Maybe iOS 5 (and perhaps the next iPhones) could be released when the new season of Two and a Half Men begins!

  • oasis360

    (Quoting from another iDB article)

    “…With carriers now testing iOS 5, it’s safe to say Apple is looking good for its claimed September release”

    When is season 9 of Two and a Half Men starting? September 19… 😉