An already strange story has taken a turn for the downright silly, with the news that the San Francisco Police did actually have a hand in the searching of a 22 year old’s home, contrary to the authorities’ own accounts.

We told you yesterday how Apple’s own security firm had taken it upon themselves to search the home of one Sergio Calderón in a hunt for a missing iPhone 5 prototype. Calderón had been told that the people involved were SFPD, but the department’s own files said that they had no hand in the search, and furthermore, they had not had any contact from Apple regarding the device.

This now appears to have been incorrect.

In a report for The San Francisco Weekly, we learn that the SFPD did in fact send some officers along for the ride

“Contradicting past statements that no records exist of police involvement in the search for the lost prototype, San Francisco Police Department spokesman Lt. Troy Dangerfield now tells SF Weekly that “three or four” SFPD officers accompanied two Apple security officials in an unusual search of a Bernal Heights man’s home.

Dangerfield says that, after conferring with Apple and the captain of the Ingleside police station, he has learned that plainclothes SFPD officers went with private Apple detectives to the home of Sergio Calderón, a 22-year-old resident of Bernal Heights. According to Dangerfield, the officers “did not go inside the house,” but stood outside while the Apple employees scoured Calderón’s home, car, and computer files for any trace of the lost iPhone 5. The phone was not found, and Calderón denies that he ever possessed it.”

It’s interesting to note the actual search was carried out by Apple employees, and not the actual police. And it’s even more interesting that the Police themselves didn’t seem to know about it.

We get the impression this won’t be the last we hear about this episode, and it’s worth remembering that the missing iPhone 5 is still, well, missing. Someone somewhere must have it, but with the iPhone 5 due to be announced in the coming weeks, it may not matter for much longer.

Until then, grab some popcorn and watch this story unfold!

  • Adam

    This is a disgusting abuse of power by the SFPD. Sergio should have never let these people into his home in the first place. Even If the police had a search warrant they
    should have never let the apple employees go inside his home it is their duty to search and seize. This is a blatant illegal search of someone’s property the police most likely bullied Sergio into letting them into his home. Apple and mostly SFPD should be ashamed of them selves. But as the saying goes I you don’t know your rights you don’t have any.

    • Gabe


      • Michael

        Why don’t you shut up you idiot, what Adam said is right, I suppose you’d not be bothered if it happened to you would you, fucking idiot.

    • Mena

      Adam, I very much agree with your comment. It’s unbelievable that this would happen and it realities blatant abuse of power if true.

  • Johncon68

    Some ppl certain ppl would love to get there hands on that. I can’t Imagine letting some apple genius bar searching my house. In fact they’d be the ones getting searched then I’d call the cops on them

  • Jeff

    If I was this Sergio character I would be lining up my lawyers right about now… sue the shit out of the city.

    • Adam

      Sad thing is he probably allowed them to come into his home so there is nothing he can do if he said “sure you can come in and look” the police do this all the time.

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      • Peeenis

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  • Jules

    This was all scened by Apple to create hype. Sergio is an accomplice. It worked as they expected, as it did last year with the iPhone 4. I hate it that Apple treats us as if we were idiots.

  • Silent screamer

    I agree with Jules, this looks just like a big promo operation… “by accident” another phone was “lost” in a bar… AGAIN… C’mon…

  • Ken

    I have one thinking.
    Is that police ever seen the new iPhone before they search?

  • Indy Sin

    Outrageous! How low can people fall to the lure of filthy lucre??…!!!

  • albioni

    And yet again all of you come over here to have the smallest glimse of an iphone5 rumor in hopes of the real thing.
    Sure its fake but like it or not its like that drug dealer around the corner, which in reality he is 2 hours away. But u dont mind it and at the same time u bitch about it. But its all forgoten u are addicted and it will happen over and over till u realize that is all the same shit (hope it will be not to late). Thats how everything works. Its the drug dealers, you, the system. And there are corporations which they make the system spin around and US with it

    • Michael

      WTF are you talking about you douchebag, a complete rant about drug dealers, STFU.

  • Mark

    lol hella funny picture

  • I am a little surprised that he let them into his home without a warrant. I’m even more surprised that another iPhone prototype was lost. And I’m absolutely floored that this guy hasn’t tried to sue or turn this into a payday somehow.

  • You misspelt ‘prototype’ in the funny picture with Jon Ive

  • Steve Jobs

    It is true. I lost an iPhone 5 prototype.

    • Tim Cook

      Shut Up! You’re not CEO anymore!

      • Bill Gate

        Did you lost it when we meet at the bar?

  • Mark

    Whats a Protoype?

    • Ken

      Protoype is the next generation of toyota.

  • ras

    lol stupid typical ifan fags here 🙂