When the news fell last week that Steve Jobs was resigning from the company he had built, I felt like the world was going to collapse under my feet for a few seconds. I wasn’t the only one. Tech bloggers, analysts and investors knew it was the end of an era.

The news was widely covered all over the world. In France, where I currently am vacationing, I read countless stories and watched tons of news reports that were praising Steve Jobs for the amazing job he’d done at Apple. Steve Jobs. The face of Apple. The salesman. The visionary. The dictator. Gone. Nothing would ever be the same without him. Some went as far as saying Apple was done, forgetting for a minute that Tim Cook, the newly appointed CEO, had been running the company for months, in what were Apple’s best financial times ever.

Like John Gruber notes, Steve Jobs’ greatest creation is not the iMac, the iPhone, or the iPad. No, Jobs’ greatest creation is Apple itself — the brand, its core values, what it represents. And according to a survey, the Apple brand is better today than it was before Steve’s resignation

According to BrandIndex, a company that tracks public perception of thousands of brands across the world every day, the Apple brand is proving bigger than Steve Jobs himself.

Steve Jobs resignation as Apple’s CEO sent the company’s consumer perception into even more positive territory.

“As expected, the announcement caught the attention of US consumers. Apples Attention score jumped from 44% on the day prior to the announcement to 61% on the day after the announcement.

But rather than drive brand perception scores down as one might expect, YouGov BrandIndex’s Index score, its key measurement of brand health, rose several points for Apple since Jobs made his announcement on August 24th. The Index score encompasses adult 18+ consumer perception of such measurements as quality, value, reputation, satisfaction, impression, and the willingness to recommend the brand to friends. Apple’s Buzz score also improved modestly after the announcement, indicating that more US consumers seemed to react positively to the news than negative.”

If anything, all the media coverage Apple got after Steve announced he was stepping down helped the company improve its brand recognition. This free advertising for Apple helped Cupertino reach new highs in consumer perception.

Who would have thought?


  • Jon Garrett


    meanwhile at IFA Germany

    Samsung readies stunning new Galaxy Tab 7.7, a 5.3 inch note pad with stylus the Galaxy Tab 8.9 with LTE, 3 new and improved Galaxy S II phones for AT&T, Sprint and T-mobile AND 3 entirely new devices with the Wave phones !!!

    If that wasn’t enough, Toshiba made a sexy new tablet that’s even lighter and thinner than the Galaxy Tab 10.1 !! AND its still has USB, HDMI and SD !!

    but wait, there’s more !!

    Sony also shows of its new 10.1 Android tablet.

    Android phones and tables will launch this Fall with Quad core processors and true 720p displays !! while you guys sit here and read crap articles day in and day out.

    • Josh


      meanwhile at the Apple HQ in Cupertino,

      Apple CEO Tim Cook and fellow employees relax while watching competitors make cheap tablets and phones to try and beat Apple in this tech-war which they might as well have already lost, and just awaiting the release of the new and improved sleek, cutting-edge technology the iPhone and its highly acclaimed iOS 5 will once again bring (technology which by the way is out of the reach of Google, Samsung, Toshiba, etc).

      While you are sitting here, contradicting yourself by actually reading this articles and comments, and trying to convince yourself that Google, along with HTC, Samsung and other companies are capable of defeating the empire Apple has become.

      End of story.

      • Zin


      • iCrapped


      • Rob Matthews

        +1. And here is our top rated YouTube comment everybody!

      • Jon Garrett

        that’s the best you can do? Tim Cook and Co. are doing anything but relaxing.

        they’re going back to the drawing board to rethink the poor decision to release an iPad 3 this fall. they realized it would piss off the people who just bought an iPad 2 only 4 months ago. AND they also realize that the iPad 3 will come up short against Quad Core powered Android Tablets.

        they’re also busy making a “cheap” iphone 4 because they know their current business model of one-size-fits-all isnt working anymore.

        lets not forget how busy they are forging evidence in a court of law and how busy they are since a judge shot down 9 out of their 10 claims against Samsung.

        I have an iPhone 4 and I only come here to find news regarding an untethered jailbreak but if I had an Android phone I wouldn’t need to jailbreak.

    • Josh

      Oooohh, so look who DOES “sit here and read crap articles day in and day out”! Yes, IT IS YOU.

      Why do you care so much about Apple lawsuits? Do you really have an iPhone? Doesn’t seem like it. As if people actually care that the iPad 3 will be released just after the 2nd one’s release. YOU DO know that Apple takes in their products and allow you to pay the difference (as we already know you read crap articles day in and day out)?

      And lets not forget the five words that made my day: “IF I HAD AN ANDROID…”
      If you had an Android, which I believe you do, you wouldn’t HAVE THE CHANCE TO JAILBREAK, YOU WOULDN’T BE RUNNING THE MOST INNOVATIVE OS UP TO DATE, AND YOU MOST CERTAINLY WOULDN’T BE USING AN IPAD, the device which indeed invented a new category.

      I mean, what the hell are these tablets anyway? How low can Android go to even compare them to the iPad?

      • OCD Steve Jobs

        iOS is far from the most innovative OS….please tell me what year we will get movable wallpapers that Android has had for a long long time.

        please tell me when Apple will come up with an innovative way to close an app that you have open. this is annoying…app is open, lets close it. first, tap the home button. next, double tap the home button, next hold the app you just minimized for 2 seconds or until it wiggles. next, click on the X. next, click on the home button to go back to the spring board. wow seriously? you probably think that “just works” or is “magical”

        webOS, to close an app that is open. two steps…step one, slide your finger up from the bezel. when it goes into card view, slide the card up. it will close it. you are done. that’s innovative. not what apple does.

  • babiloe

    Too soon to speak and to survey right now.
    But the way tim think about printers, worries me about his idea for apple future. honest

  • GregSDSU

    I will always hate steve & co. for releasing Final Cut Pro X. With that release, Apple burned ten+ years of good will and destroyed a franchise. Idiots.