Earlier today, we saw photos of components that may or may not pertain to one of Apple’s upcoming smartphones. The frame resembled that of an iPhone 4, but with a modified antenna.

Now another purported next-gen iPhone part has surfaced — the backplate. And like the aforementioned frame, it looks extremely similar to its predecessor. So how do we know it’s a next-generation component? Because it says so…

MacPost originally published the photo, along with several others of what they claim are iPhone 5 parts. But the back casing in particular stands out because it has the markings of an Apple prototype.

The cover is labeled EVT and is dated June 7, 2011. EVT stands for Engineering Verification Test, which is followed by the Design Verification Test. The date makes sense in the device’s timeline we saw leading up to production.

Perhaps the biggest clue on the case is the N94 marking. A few months ago, 9to5Mac uncovered two new Apple devices codenamed N93 and N94 buried deep within iOS 5. The iPhone 4’s (GSM) internal codename is the N90.

Add this new back casing to previous evidence, like the T-Mobile-branded N94 device BGR exposed earlier this year, and things start coming together. Sort of.

Whether Apple releases one smartphone this Fall, or two distinctly different handsets, you can bet we’ll see the iPhone 4’s design reincarnated. The second scenario is obviously more exciting, as it leaves the door open for a major refresh.

But maybe Apple doesn’t need that this year. Maybe Apple’s big play this year is to expand carrier partners, which would have more of an impact on sales than a major redesign.

What do you think we’ll see this Fall?

[Cult of Mac]

  • Saleh

    looks like an iphone’s 4 white backplate

  • Oh man. I am already sick of these rumors. Too much with no valid source.

    • Yboy403

      And I’m sick of people like you. Nobody forces you to read it, and as the article points out, there are several reasons to take this seriously. Maybe it’s real, maybe not, but if you don’t care what the backplate of the next iPhone looks like, this blog is not for you.

  • zaba

    my friend works in factor in china and said back looks same as iphone 4, he want tell any more info but he says outside will be same as 4 but internal components are different

    • OCD Steve Jobs

      so no 4 inch screen?

  • James

    I actually hope it is just an internal update because that will make my decision to update much easier, no way am I shelling out hundreds of pounds when it looks exactly the same as my iPhone 4. My contract isn’t up for 7 months but when it is, I might even switch platforms depending on the aestherics of the devices out at the time or wait on the iPhone 6, on a 1 year cycle i’m not going to throw away money on a phone 6 months into the cycle for it to be replaced again.

    With the choice of Android handsets available it’s looking less and less likely i’ll stay with Apple and their 1 design and handset but that being said, as of yet there are no other handsets, aesthetically, worth having .. Android need to ditch all the cheap ass flimsy plastic.

    • Mark

      If you wait until next year, your iPhone’s value will go down even more than right now.