As the news of Steve Jobs’ resignation as Apple CEO pulses throughout news outlets around the world, many are wondering about the future of Apple.

Steve Jobs is responsible for steering Apple as a company during its most successful years, and he brought us products like the original Mackintosh, iPod, iPhone and iPad. He’s also the man that singlehandedly uprooted the music industry with iTunes and digital downloads, and he’s about to take cloud services to a whole other level with iCloud this Fall.

Luckily, Steve Jobs will still be heavily involved in ongoings at Apple, as he has become Chairman of the Board.

AllThingsD reports:

“Extremely well-informed sources at Apple say he intends to remain involved in developing major future products and strategy and intends to be an active chairman of the board, even while new CEO Tim Cook runs the company day to day.”

Health issues have plagued Jobs’ life and career since 2003, and his battle with cancer has caused him to temporarily step down as Apple CEO on three occasions. Most likely, he is taking a permanent step back from the limelight to focus on his well being and family.

Jobs has left Tim Cook in charge, and Apple will be in excellent hands for years to come. It’s important to remember that Steve will still be giving his guidance to the company, just not in the same extent that he has previously.

Steve Jobs will be remembered as a CEO that wasn’t afraid to take risks and do what was best for the end user. He abandoned the floppy disk and the removable battery, and he introduced a phone and tablet that ushered in a whole new era of consumer technology. He introduced the first successful MP3 player, and he pioneered a new age of digital downloads with iTunes.

He is a man that’s defined by his products. And those products live on.

Well done, Steve. We look forward to what Apple does under your guidance as Chairman of the Board.

  • God

    I expected nothing less… Even a man full of pride would feel inferior to a man like Steve Jobs… Tim has his position as CEO, but he along with the rest of apple will still need his vision and imagination…

  • MALdito

    OK. I get that Steve Jobs has made an immense impression on not only Apple, but the entire tech industry, but isn’t this site is kinda going off track. I mean, a few article about him, ok, I get it. But its up to, what, eleven articles now? I’m starting to miss the iOS rumors, the supposed “leaked” iphone stuff, and reviews for tweaks, apps, and products. I’m sure this’ll light a fire under someone’s ass but hey, someone has to say it.

  • Dick Fontaine

    I’ll be surprised if Jobs lives another year

  • daniel

    Tim Cook is gay. So now instead of making new products, he’ll be fucking men. Great choice of CEO.

    • Homophobic douchenozzle. Steve Jobs is NOT stupid. He picked Cook because Cook knows what he’s doing. His alleged sexual orientation has NOTHING to do with how well he can run Apple. That being said, Cook is probably not the same creative force that Jobs is. He’ll likely have to hire someone else (or a group of people) to fill Jobs’ creative role, especially after Steve steps down eventually as Chairman of the Board. Of course, by then, Cook might have moved on, too, making Apple a WHOLE new ball game.

  • Steve Jobs will be missed as CEO but I’m sure he would not just randomly select someone to take his place. Whoever he asked to be the new CEO you can bet would be someone who is competent and capable of handling the job, Steve Jobs is intelligent enough and wouldn’t make a decision like this lightly. Plus, he did step down yes but it’s not like he has retired.