You’ve more than likely heard of McAfee. The security experts have been blocking viruses on PCs for years, and are now dabbling in mobile research. The firm just announced the results of their recent study on mobile malware.

We saw a similar analysis by Symantec a few months ago. And surprise surprise, the results haven’t changed that much. iOS still seems to be the most secure mobile operating system available…

McAfee’s study found that malware for Google’s Android OS has grown by over 76% in the last few months. They uncovered over 40 malicious scripts for the platform.

While some of the lines of code are a part of legitimate applications, others perform sketchy behavior like sending unwanted text messages or auto-installing updates without authorization.

iOS, on the other hand, proves nearly perfect in McAfee’s research. The security firm recorded zero legitimate threats to stock iPhones, and only a handful of issues for jailbroken devices.

As TUAW points out, it seems like Apple’s “walled garden” approach is working — to an extent. While it’s extremely limiting to some 3rd-party developers, it continues to keep malware attacks at bay.

As active jailbreakers, we know there’s really no such thing as a “totally secure” platform (just ask Comex). But it is nice that iOS users don’t have to worry about the security problems that plague other operating systems.

What’s your take on McAfee’s findings?


  • Justin

    Not surprising, but Apple needs to use this in their marketing campaign (like they need any help anyway). It’s part of why people buy Macs and I guarantee it would sway people into buying an iPhone (again, not like they need it).

    Like the article said, it is a double edged sword. Sure, it stops malware, but at the expense of 3rd party apps.

    • I agree with Justin….

      Because that was a MAJOR factor in my decision to buy Apple over the less expensive Android phones! .

      In fact, I even jumped from T-Mobile (which I LOVE, over to the evil empire of AT&T!!!)

      – Eric

  • wanazou

    hm, i thought saw some Exploits for the 4.x iOS a month or two before…

    @ Justin: There were plenty of exploits and Malware for the OS X only 2 Days after Release…

    BUT, a closed system is always more safe than an half way open source 😉
    So better say Sieg Heil to Apple (or Steve Jobs) than have a democracy open system….
    (Sry for the comparison but i really hate it, that apple just censor everything…)

    • James

      +1 .. People always slate windows and make out OSX is the best, it’s only less exploited because it’s less used, MAC’s might look nice but I wouldn’t trade my windows pc for anything, I love the freedom it gives me and the choice to do what I want not what Apple want you to do.

      Plus they are so overpriced for what they are but I guess that’s just typical Apple.

      • Ibrahim Sait

        Can u plz elaborate what u cannot do on a mac that u are able to do on a pc ??
        Be logical !!! Dont just make false claims.. I understand that u dont like apple and frankly this is not the forum for you ..

      • James

        @ Ibrahim Sait .. WTF dude, I own an iPod and an iPhone, I never said I disliked Apple, I stated the fact is that they are overpriced, especially when it comes to Mac’s and they try and dictate everytging you can do on your device, this isn’t false claims at all you douche, that’s the truth .. as for the Mac, there are lot’s of programs that don’t work on them and they have to be remade, if they do at all, my point with regards to that is that on a Mac I need a version specifically for that, on a pc I can use a version on several operating systems.

        As for this not being the forum for me, STFU and mind your own business, my opinion is just as valid as yours, except you fail to see the truth in what I said, well it’s there, I understand that you are a blinkered “Fanboy”, that’s ok dude, it’s all good.

    • Justin

      I never said there weren’t any malware issues on Apple products, just much much less. I’m not an Apple fanboy, I own two PC’s with Windows 7 and absolutely love them. I do own an iPhone but only because I enjoy the ease of use, I would gladly switch to an Android powered phone if I found one I loved and was eligible for an upgrade. I understand all OS’s have a weakness, I am just saying there are obviously mush less on a Mac, it’s just been proven, that’s not coming from me.

      • Max

        @James I agree that macs could be cheaper, but look to brands like alienware, you also pay for the brand and that they use top-quality stuf.

  • Daniel

    I enjoy working on an iMac, and if there’s really limitations on your mac you have the ability to run Windows as you like and it will be faster than your pc.

    • Jaff

      very well said…

  • jack

    Modern Android was made in a rush when Google tried to catch up with iPhone. Same thing happened when they released Honeycomb to catch up with iPad, and it was so assfixed that they were ashamed of its source and didn’t even release it.
    These news are just predictable. Android is an aberration while Apple did most things right with iOS