I love jailbreak utilities that add contact photos to stock iOS apps. It makes your contacts seem more like real people, rather than pieces of data.

Cydia provides a couple of options to pull this off. SMSEnhancer adds contact photos to the Messages app, and IPicMyContacts does the same for your contact list. And then there’s Copic, which actually does what the other two tweaks do, and more….

Copic, short for Contact Picture, describes itself as an all-in-one application that shows contact pictures “everywhere in your iDevice.” The utility works with the Phone, Messages and Contact apps.

Not only does Copic take the place of the aforementioned utilities, it also adds a couple of features. It embeds photos into both the recent call and Favorites lists on the iPhone, and even supports the FaceTime application on the iPad 2 and iPod Touch.

Like most tweaks, Copic doesn’t add an icon to your springboard. Once installed, simply pop into your Settings app to start customizing. If you want to try it out, Copic is available in Cydia for $1.29.

Have you tried Copic yet?

  • ur mother

    this is tweak is the best as far as adding pictures to contacts. especially when it add to all parts of the ios contacts instead of just one part. i give this a 5/5.

  • Supernice

    my messages-app crashes D:


      same here
      massage app crashes 🙁

  • Burge

    I like this alot , it’s just that I’ve got BiteSMS and cyntact installed and these two cover this new tweak…for what I need..

    • Diddyo

      same here, I don’t think this tweak is that changing when you have these already.

    • MALdito

      Same here, this tweak is nothing new for me….

  • ur mother

    ya i just noticed that too. the only way to fix it is put it on safe mode and back out of ur messege that u where on and restart it and it would be fine but it come back every one in a while :(.

    hope they fix it soon

    • ur mother

      o and also turning it off and on works to

      • ur mother

        the tweak form settings

  • Keith

    Crashes my contacts app

  • Missed calls from Pam Anderson?? Whooaa 😛

  • SMS crash issue has fixed, just install the latest Copic 1.0-1 from IArrays repo (http://iarrays.com/apt/)

    • Bard

      How do I activate it? I want to use it.

  • jadefox

    is it just me or is the program causing me to lose my contacts every now so often? is anyone else experiencing this?

    • Oliver

      I also lost my contacts…luckily I had MobileMe so I could sync them back in seconds as it was a bit of a scare!

  • deepdvd

    How is this different than the first jailbreak tweak ever for sale in Cydia… Cyntact?

    • Cyntact doesn’t show the pics in call logs.