For those of you who missed it, Samsung agreed to delay the launch of its Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia last week. The move was in direct response to an injunction filed by Apple, who’s claiming that Samsung has infringed on some of their patents.

The legal feud has been going on for several months, but it has started to get interesting over the last few weeks. Not only has Apple delayed the Galaxy’s Tab launch down under, reports are coming in that they’ve blocked the tablet in Europe, too…

FOSSPatents noted yesterday that Apple has been granted a preliminary injunction against Samsung’s Android-based Galaxy Tab in Germany. The decision will temporarily prohibit sales within the European Union (except the Netherlands).

With no announcement regarding rescheduled launch dates in Australia, and an injunction in Europe that could take months to work through, Samsung’s tablet could be in trouble. It looks like it’ll be outdated by the time they’re allowed to sell it.

While I don’t agree with Apple’s actions, it certainly seems like they have a strong case here, especially with the iPad. Just think about what tablets looked like in 2009. How did Samsung arrive at the Galaxy Tab?

What do you think?

  • Andy

    I personally think Apple are behaving like Microsoft in the early 90s to get to and stay big. They seem to be trying to sue everyone left right and centre. They succeeded this time. I feel apple is becoming more and more faceless as time goes by in their business ethics. I think its a case of watch this space. Did surprise me when Samsung tried to get their lawyers to see the one of apples future devices (cant remember if it was iphone5 or ipad3). didn’t quite understand why Samsung did that :/

    At the moment from Apples business ethics and the quality of their products being way below what id expect them to make my opinion of apple is extremely low, and from working with computers and seeing some of their behavior i feel trading standards should definitely get involved.

    • Ken


    • Mike

      “the quality of their products being way below what id expect” .. You can’t be serious surely??? I get the first part and agree wi the suing bullshit n all the ethics stuff but dude, Apple’s products are aesthetically better than any other manufacturer of both phones, tablets and computers so you must have standard levels that are unatainable by any1 lol

      • Andy

        I’ve had 3 iPhone 4. Each one has had vastly different build qualities. At the moment as a computer engineer inam getting strange issues with their laptops. They built their business on quality but since the iPhone 4 came out their products have been very much below par. Ilteir customer services are terrible to. 7 months to change a faulty handset?

        In te first month of the iPad 2 I had just under 17 people coming to me with faulty screens. 1 I can understand, but 17? I will not buy another apple product and as a computer engineer where I would recommend them in the past I won’t touch them now. Their QA seems random as some batches are fine and some arnt. After owning many of their products I won’t touch them again. I have very good reason to say that, pity as I like unix based machines.

      • Cave

        I think Apple should carry more confidence in their product and consumers rather than to sue so many people. I mean, com-on that samsung pad doesn’t even look nor run like the ipad, it has a freakin camera on the middle of the tablet! And besides, its ultimately the consumer’s choice in buying something, I personally would buy an ipad for various reasons. I just feels like apple is plain out loosing faith in consumers, making it the only choice on the market. If they decide to put the effort and time to make a grade “A” product, they shouldn’t worry about being the only one.

    • zEz

      Agreed, however with 1 minor adjustment, the Apple product hardware-wise does not exactly match up to what you’re paying for, however, you are getting a device that is well tested and a part of the strong iOS eco-system… granted, we’re not even sure if all the parts in there are top of the grade and certainly not always the latest in the gear, but notably, they probably work better than most phone and tabs out there… i’m happy with my iGadgets =D

    • AMB

      Once a company reaches the level Apple is at, it’s only natural that they must protect their spot and position in this business. Or else people would simply imitate Apple and it’s success and well… Apple’s work and efforts would seem pointless.

      I’m not really defending Apple, but you can’t blame them for doing what’s only natural really.

      • Stormy Nguyen

        I agree.

  • They should change the name from apple to
    Shut your ass up or we will sue you

    • Piyush

      Nice one dude

  • Cameron

    Apple is going to control our minds one day! And if we don’t all bye their products they will sue us!

  • Polemicist

    Already there are a large number of tablets Android and Windows that are available in Australia. Apple just decided to fry a big fish and then attack the smaller fish as it works it’s way down the food chain. Stuff Apple. I worked as an Apple technician and yeah I liked their hardware when it was their hardware and not Intel based. Once upon a time they took pride in their product. Now they just make it look pretty and squeeze the price to extract the profit and watch all the plebs reach for the “shiny button”. Working as a reseller sucks as the margin on all their products are so low you can only make money on the out of warranty service, accessories and software and that has been the case since day DOT.

    I’m filling my house with Samsung electrical products from the 55 inch 3D LED TV, their awesome little robot vacuum all the way down to the lowly Galaxy Tabs once Apple gets it’s cut of the Galaxy pie – a$$holes…