Mark Zuckerberg and company just released a standalone iOS app — the first since the original Facebook app — for Facebook’s messaging service. For those wondering where this is coming from, the company acquired a messaging start-up firm earlier this year named Beluga.

It appears that Facebook is beginning to get serious about the messaging platform its CEO unveiled last Fall. Facebook Messenger will allow you to send and keep track of Facebook messages and group messages in real time…

I’m not a big fan of Facebook’s full app. It crashes constantly, consistently fails at posting comments, and its push notifications are rarely correct. It’s because of these problems that I rarely use Facebook’s messaging feature, but now I might.

The new Facebook Messenger app looks great. The main screen is an overview of all of your open conversations, with one-tap access to compose a message or adjust the settings. It even allows group messages, which is perfect for brainstorming or planning get-togethers.

On top of traditional messaging-app features like photo and location sharing, Facebook Messenger also sports some unique Beluga features. You can plot your friends locations on a map, and silence notifications for an hour or more (which may come in handy, as notifications work great).

Facebook Messenger is available in the App Store for free.

What do you think of Facebook’s new messaging app?


  • fojam


  • Fadz


  • I’d like to see a list of who is available to receive my messages.

    • u mad bro?


      • Mark Zuckerburg

        you can’t even see who is online. I get this is forests ages but seeing who is online would make this alot better.

      • Mark Zuckerburg

        you can’t even see who is online. I know this is for messages but seeing who is online would make this alot better.

  • Patrick

    Link doesn’t work in Sweden

    • Wikan

      Same for me, luckily i made a backup U.S account, i suggest you do the same 🙂

  • harjeevd

    cant download at all.

  • ur mother

    its there

  • ur mother

    type Beluga.

  • tschortsch3711

    can someone upload the .ipa for non U.S users ?

  • Bada

    Doesn’t work

  • kokhean

    Only in the US store for now.

  • Kenny

    is it for free? if not , I won’t buy this

    • Josh

      It’s free.

  • Kyle

    I’ll just stick with my Beejive lol

    • Brian


  • AMB

    This is simply Useless, use the native facebook app for your messages, this app is nothing more than a glorified inbox…

  • Kenny

    @Josh Thank you 🙂

  • MALdito

    “WHAT?! Unheard of! A facebook app that has drawbacks and bugs?! That absurd!”
    <–Heavy on the Sarcasm (-_-)

  • Aleksander Azizi

    Ok, so they decided to make this for UK only.. -.-
    Anybody want 2 zip this app up for me and upload it 2 somewhere and comment this comment with the link to the uploaded file.. ?
    Yes i said things many times so that you would want to not read it random not.
    Simple randomness.. 🙂 But please zip, upload, and share ! 😀

  • Not available in the UK yet, but hopefully it’ll be less buggy than the one in the Facebook app. It looks nice atleast. At the moment, especially when you close and reopen, messages seem to stop coming through randomly.

  • Once iOS 5 drops, I’m canceling my SMS plan ASAP.

  • Rob

    The Facebook app has chat on it making it mire like a messenger, we just need to wait and see if its gonna suck with notifications