It seems like the rumors and speculation for Apple’s upcoming smartphone have been non-stop over the last couple of months. To make things even more confusing, a lot of the information is completely contradictory.

Is it going to be a modest upgrade or will Apple give it a major overhaul? Will it launch in September or October? How are we supposed to keep up with all of it? Luckily, the folks over at The Next Web were kind enough to help put everything in perspective with this infographic…

The hard work was done by the Infographic Labs team. Their image not only lists several of the iPhone 5 rumors we’ve heard over the last few months, but it also predicts the likelihood of the gossip materializing this Fall.

I think you’ll agree with most of the predictions on here, save for the 60% chance it gives iCloud integration. We’ve already seen several instances of iCloud embedded into iOS 5, which will likely ship with the new hardware.

Which predictions do you agree/disagree with?

  • Daniel

    So instead of nobody knowing what the next iPhone will be like, now we have made up numbers and nobody knows what the next iPhone will be like.

    Instead of quantifying how true they think rumors are, why can’t somebody do some actual research on iPhone rumors? Looking back at the last four generations of iPhones, what primary sources are correct what percentage of the time? What secondary sources report the most accurate information? What percentage of rumored features came true? What types of features were often correctly predicted, and what types of features were rarely correctly predicted? Are there ways to use this information to actually get something of value from our current rumors, or is it all one big crapshoot and nobody has any real knowledge?

    I’m not hating on this or any other blog, I’m just saying, there could be actually useful things to talk about if you want to do the research. Passing along the “information” that NFC has an 80% chance doesn’t do much for me.

    • Vitica7

      Well said

    • kokhean


    • XX

      Because it’s easier to make a new post this way. Quantity over quality.

      • Jon Garrett


  • Saleh

    availble in summer is 20%
    and icloud is 60%
    should be 0% and 100%

    • kurt

      No More Storage shouldn’t be 50%…it should be 0%…where are we going to put our songs and programs and pictures? they can all stream, all the time. say good by to battery life, and say hello to not having music and what ever else would stream when you hit a spot with little to know signal. oh and say hello to hitting download caps quickly! oh the overcharges, how sweet they will be…

  • T

    Also love that its screen dimension is a diameter… I guess that means the new iPhone will be a circle????

  • Jon Garrett

    The only rumor that will be true about the next iPhone is that it will still lack features, it will be about equal to current models of Android phones but will be D.O.A against the next Galaxy S.

  • Ethan

    I just sold my iPhone 4 and awaits for the iPhone 5(4s) next month. I hope it worth it ’cause I miss my iPhone 4 soo much. :'(

  • Greg

    No internal storage? Riiiiiiiiiight, with cellphone data plans rapidly sinking, this would be suicide.

  • SimonOrJ

    I hope iPhone 5 can use Flash Player.. I want it badly for the movies…
    Going to CloudBowser gives me only 10 minutes and SkyFire doesn’t let me control the movie itself. 🙁

  • Aditya

    iPhone 5 itself is a rumor….. There wont be any iPhone 5