As Jeff highlighted in the latest edition of “What’s On My iDevice?,” TwitkaFly has been updated to version 2.0. If you haven’t heard of TwitkaFly, it’s a jailbreak tweak for the iPhone and iPad that lets you tweet quickly through a super fast and easy Activator shortcut.

TwitkaFly 2.0 brings a slick redesign of the tweet compose window, and it also adds support for Tweetbot. If you like to tweet from a jailbroken iDevice, TwitkaFly is an essential tool…

TwitkaFly takes the quick reply feature of BiteSMS and brings that to Twitter. You can use TwitkaFly with the official Twitter app and Tweetbot, and assigning an Activator gesture lets you easily compose tweets from anywhere on your iPhone’s springboard.

You can watch Jeff’s original review of TwitkaFly to get the general feel of the tweak, and version 2.0 only makes TwitkaFly better. I was skeptical of TwitkaFly at first, but after using it, I’ve realized that it’s a must-have jailbreak tweak for any Twitter user.

The main reason I didn’t use TwitkaFly originally was because it didn’t support my favorite Twitter client, Tweetbot. In version 2.0, TwitkaFly works great with Tweetbot’s new support for push notifications, and the gorgeous design of the compose screen got me hooked.

I assign TwitkaFly in Activator to my iPhone’s volume keys. When I press the up and down volume toggles simultaneously, TwitkaFly pops up no matter what I’m doing on my iPhone. Another awesome feature is that TwitkaFly lets you quick reply to your Twitter mentions as they are sent to you.

Another cool feature of TwitkaFly is the ability to tweet song info for the track that’s playing from your iPod app. A little music icon in the tweet compose window will automatically add your song information to your tweet. This removes the need for other tweaks and apps that offer that feature.

One thing I would like to see in TwitkaFly is the ability to add photos/video from my iPhone’s camera roll. To do that, you’ll still need to go into an actual Twitter app.

Overall, TwitkaFly 2.0 is an excellent jailbreak tweak. You can pick it up for $1.99 in Cydia.

Let us know what you think of TwitkaFly 2.0!

  • Sean

    it’s hard to use with mobilenotifer…

  • Angelo

    I use my volume toggles for RemoveBG. A really nice jailbreak app, it removes all current apps form the switcher.

  • r0cket1000

    Reminds me of qTweeter, where in which you just pulled down from the status bar and quickly update both your facebook and twitter status. It also let you upload photos on the go. Just talking about it makes me miss qTweeter. I dont know if qTweeter is supported now, since everytime I install it, when I try updating my status, it freezes my iPhone forcing me to hard re-boot my iPhone.

    Does anyone else have this issue with qTweeter?

    • Parkupine

      qTweeter works perfectly on my iPhone 4 currently on iOS 4.3.3. My other iPhone 4 on iOS 5b3… not so much. I love it because it supports multiple Twitter accounts which is a must for me. Just don’t enable ‘always use https’ in your twitter settings… it isn’t supported by qTweeter. Learned that the hard way.

      • r0cket1000

        Well something is definitly wrong with my iphone then, because since 4.2.1, qTweeter has stopped working for me. The weird thing is that I’ve been through 3 different iPhone 4’s, and none of them have worked with qTweeter. I’m starting to think it has to do something with my restore, because everytime I get a new iPHone 4, i restore from a backup. Something in my backup is preventing qTweeter from functioning correctly. I am going to try to delete any folders/files that is from qTweeter via iFile so that I can do a fresh install of qTweeter. If all else fails, I can simply restore my phone and start fresh (Ugh!)

        Now that I think about it, the latest version of the iPhone 4 is 4.3.5 (AT&T). Since I just picked up my 3rd iPhone 4 which came with 4.3.3, I do not have SHSH blobs for 4.3.3, so there’s no way for me to restore my iPHone to 4.3.3 again 🙁

        Am I right?

      • Parkupine

        Didn’t ih8sn0w come out with something… called iFaith (I think) that can extract the .shsh blob from your phone as long as you still have the specific version of ios installed… I’d look into that to save your 4.3.3 shsh

  • Omar

    I use qTweeter to update my Facebook status. I like Twitka better. I wish there was a Twitka Facebook version.

    • Parkupine

      Do you know if the 2.0 update brings multiple account support? If it does I’m tempted to buy it to try. qTweeter is great and all, but the devs no longer support it which means it will eventually be incompatible as iOS “ages”. I only need it to post Twitter updates. I use Tweetbot for replies, RT’s and starring.

  • charlie

    would be nice to have a RT function as well…