We don’t usually post stuff like this on iDB —and we certainly don’t have Bieber fever — but this was too good to pass up. Apparently, Justin Bieber uses a jailbroken iPhone.

As evidenced in one of his tweets, Justin Bieber uses a jailbreak Twitter extension called qTweeter. With over 11 million Twitter followers, we’re sure Justin is familiar with the best Twitter clients out there.

There’s really nothing else to say about this, except that we hope Justin reads iDB for all of his jailbreaking needs.

[Thanks, @moeseth!]

  • Alex

    Okay, who was following Justin Bieber?

    • SpideyRules

      +1 lmao

      Someone needs to give up their man card here.


  • mk

    We don’t usually post stuff like this on iDB (so don’t do it now)

    — but this was too good to pass up. (whats too good to pass up? many celebrities do, so what)

    pathetic post

    • Justin Bieber

      Fuck off you dick head. If you don’t like the post then go somewhere else.

      • mk

        nope. i like this site so ill stay here little boy

      • @mk you’re an idiot.

      • @Vitaliy…don’t be a troll sweety. i’d like to give you a loving bear hug

  • Justin Bieber

    You know you love me
    I know you care
    Just shout whenever,
    And I’ll be there
    You want my love
    You want my heart
    And we would never, ever be apart….

    Baby baby baby Ohhhh Baby baby baby Ohhhh

  • BLiNK

    great. now all kinds of little kids will be jailbreaking their iPhones and in turn flooding iPhone forums with the “OMG!! i bricked my phone” or “Why is my battery only lasting for an hour?!” threads. FML

    • Justin Bieber

      They have to start somewhere right.

    • mk

      yeah little kids shouldn’t even have phones. they should also stop eat candy getting fat and join a sport or do something active. damn kids theses days idolizing people

      • A kid that is more intelligent than mk

        i think that is called stereotypical

      • mk

        you think? congratulations you are right

    • me

      there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m only 12 and I’ve been hacking my iPod and filling it with extensions since I was ten. Good thing is that jailbreakers hate apple. justin bieber means more jailbreakers. more jailbreakers means more people hating apple. more people hating apple means apple permitting jb’ing even if it is just certain cydia tweaks on the AppStore

      • Dirk

        Your nuts if you think jailbreakers hate apple kiddo

      • James

        Exactly how are Apple going to put tweaks on the App store, a tweak is not an app, it’s a tweak, hence the name.

      • Stark

        just go back to your room and read them books.

  • Jeff

    “We don’t usually post stuff like this on iDB”

    Ya, we know. Usually you post pointless iPhone5 rumors.

    • You’re free to read other blogs.

      • AMB


  • LOL jailbreakme 3.0 come’s out and justin bieber figures out how to jailbreak his iPhone.
    I geuss i didn’t use redsn0w or so :p

    • Brian

      She’s not smart enough to figure it out

      • me


  • frandsen

    @Jeff: Mwahahahahaha… what’s one more rumor on the mill?

  • Tony

    It was Alex

  • Daniel

    lmao @ guy using name “Justin Beiber” in the comments above me

  • zach

    This made me laugh and know I have a tiny bit more respect for him now

  • Chris

    Justin Bieber uses a jailbroken iPhone, seriously though, is that even news, he’s a little fag, hopefully he has 1 of the rare handsets that may explode in the hand.

    • Chris
    • Josh Lee

      He makes millions upon millions of dollars. He has hundreds of thousands of girls at the tip of his fingers. And he’s only 17. I have respect for this “little fag”.

      • James

        You chump lol, respect for what? Are you wanting some of the underage girls he has “At his fingertips”

      • me

        its mostly 5 year old boys. girls don’t care

      • Josh Lee

        He’s one of the biggest superstars in the world. He makes more money and is more successful than you will ever be in your entire life and he’s only 17. He’s also a really talented artist as said so by some of the music industry’s finest such as Chris Brown, Neyo, and Christina Aguilera. That is why I have respect for him. And it’s funny that you have to revert to childish name calling such as “chump” and “fag” instead of carrying out a conversation like a mature human being. And don’t see why you people insist on making fun of a person that you’ve never met in your life.

      • James

        @ Josh, you idiot, you don’t even know who I am other than a name on a blog so how can you say what I am or will ever be and for the record Christina Aguilera is certainly not 1 of the industries finest, what planet do you live on !! Go back to fantasizing over Justin Bieber, you’re probably mid 40s still living in your moms basement jacking off over teenage boys, or girls, i’ll be diverse.

      • Josh Lee

        Ah you you must make $23,000,000 a year, correct? Congrats to you. And Christina Aguilera used to be a huge artist. I think a person with multi-platform awards is kind of a big deal. And I’m not in my 40’s, I’m 18. I don’t care if you don’t like Justin Beiber. That’s not what I’m arguing about. You’re a very ignorant person. I don’t understand why you insist on hating someone you don’t know, probably never met, and have no idea what he has been through. And yet you still feel it’s necessary to using such childish comebacks. Seriously? “You’re probably mid 40s still living in your moms basement jacking off over teenage boys”? What kind of childish, foolish, and immature comeback is that? You need to grow up and get over yourself.

      • Josh Lee

        *platinum not platform

  • James

    “11 million followers” .. WOW, I didn’t even think there were that many sad, pathetic girls & gays in the world, he reminds me of a modern day Chesney Hawkes lol and we all know what happened to him, he had his day in the limelight then was swiftly left to rot like the human turd he is.

    • mk

      “girls and gays” hahaha

      watch out Sebastien is a ultra liberal. he will get pissed off at that comment! he isn’t tolerant so watch out!

      • James

        lol I don’t see anything wrong with it tbh, it’s rather factual, it’s not a homphobic comment just the reality of who actually follows Master Bieber lol

      • I am tolerant, except for stupid comments that don’t add any value to the conversation.

    • Jim Piwniuk

      You are human turd

      • James

        WOW that must have taken some thinking of, well done !!!

  • kokhean

    The number of trolls here are truly epic.

    • me

      really epic

  • ur mother


  • Chewy

    I’m usin a jailbroken iphone…… Does anyone care? HELL NO! Wats makes u think we care if their iphone is jailbroken or not?

  • Dan

    I hate Justin Bieber!, he has some annoying apps on AppStore.

  • Funny how readers complain about this post being gay… Yet this is one of the most replied post !!!

    • Stark

      +1 lol

  • DomPerignon

    Why do waste our time with this guy? Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, has a jailbroken iPhone 4 and no one cares.

  • DomPerignon

    Why do we waste our time with this guy? Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, has a jailbroken iPhone 4 and no one cares.

  • KiraXD

    id be more surprised to learn that people DONT use jailbroken iPhones

    • Justin bin Laden

      i know lol

  • Justin Bieber

    leave me alone! and Britney too!

  • iam8bit

    haha lol

  • CrazyBraulz

    Love the post!!!

  • Shannon

    I bet he uses Installous to pirate apps.

    • Justin bin Laden

      especially the justin bieber app

  • Hey guys! This is the real Justin here and i want to see a BIG thanks for posting a article of me and i do read this blog when i have time! Shout out to SEB he’s a BEAST! KEEP POSTING NEVER SAY NEVER!

    • Dan

      You’ve got haters. 🙂

    • Theadobeflash

      i hate you music but gotta give you props for boning selena gomez!

  • Justin Bieber

    Cydia broke my phone for the first time. And I was like.

    Saurik, Saurik, Saurik NOOOOO!

    • @Theadobeflash

      too bad there is no jailbreak tweek to help you sing you need it!

      • Michael

        theres an app for that

  • Justin

    What’s a jailbreak, and who’s Justin Bieber.
    Must be somebody important because my iPhone auto capitalized his last name. It doesn’t auto cap mine. And, nobody ever pays me in gum.
    Anyway, I don’t understand why people put so much effort into saying how much they dislike something. Don’t like it, forget about it! I’ve completely forgot about bro.. broc.. brocco… Oh, whatever that green, funny vegetable that is called.

  • mwpitt52

    I have a whole new respect for Justin Bieber. Nice post!

  • Fdk8776

    I love that at 17, he’s more mature than many of these posters. Keep it up JB. Much props. (you’ve got to keep it up, my girls… Okay… and my wife, and my mom, and my sisters, love you)

  • Fdk8776

    Oh yea… And he’s with Selena Gomez! 🙂

  • No we are not! We are friends and keeping it that way! I’m having fun like all other teenagers would and i don’t want people to go into my private life

  • No we are not! We are friends and keeping it that way! I’m having fun like all other teenagers would and i don’t want people to go into my private life and YES i do jailbreak my iPhone 4

    • Fdk8776

      Hey, even better! You’re a good young man… I’m not hating. Not that you need it it, but good luck.

      Next time your in SO Cal, my wife and kids will cook you a bomb dinner! 🙂

    • Theadobeflash

      since you are so rich do you donate money to comex or chronic dev team for bringing you these jailbreaks? if not please consider it

    • Michael

      If your the real JB then give us Selena Gomez’s rack size cause we knooooow you’ve measured it! 😀

  • Corto

    hum, this give a whole new meaning to: I have JB my iPhone

    • iHazCheezburger

      ROFL, makes me hate JBing );

  • Wtf, is this true .? its fun to be young … loolzz

  • Selena Gomez is amazing and any guy would be lucky to have her!

    • Theadobeflash

      gonna ask this again. since you are so rich do you donate money to comex or chronic dev team for bringing you these jailbreaks? if not please consider it

      • That’s not the real guy youvfucking retard. Anyone can pick any name they want!

        Unsubscribe to thread

  • Trollface.jpg

    holy crap. JB= Justin Beiber or Jail Break?
    Coincidence? I think not.

  • Nick4G

    I had a jailbroken iphone and i don’t see my name or picture on here……..

  • Ak

    Fuck my life this is the most interesting post ever. I actually went through it. Why does Justin Bieber make it ten fucking times more interesting!?..

  • Pssst Forget the haters only my true fans know this is me! LEGGO

    • Theadobeflash


  • LET’s GO!!

    • Theadobeflash

      GO WERE?!

  • Ari

    Seriously, some people need to grow up! I don’t listen to Justin Bieber, but just because a guy may is no reason to call him gay. By the same token, Justin making the music he does doesn’t mean he’s gay. Nor does the fact that he’s only seventeen and has just now jailbroken his iPhone. Filling in boxes on paper with certain criteria does not mean someone is gay! For heaven’s sake, grow up and stop throwing the word fagot around! It does no one any good, and just means that you’re a pathetic little whiner who can’t view people for who they are. You have a lot of issues to deal with if you can’t look past somebody’s sexual orientation. Or calling someone demeaning names because they do something that people have labeled as making them “gay,” or a “lesbian,” for that matter.

    What would you do if your best guy friend came up to you and said, “Hey, man, I’m gay.” Would you instantly hate him and throw him out, telling him to never come see you again? It’s much easier to hate both a nameless face and something you can’t or don’t want to understand.

    It really bothers me that some guys think that the idea of two girls making out is hot, but the instant anyone mentions the word gay, or if a guy is doing something that society classifies as being “gay,” just because it isn’t totally masculine and all, those same guys get all weird and stuff, like they’re gonna catch it or something. It’s so stupid: being gay is not a disease, and therefore not transmittable!

    So, if guys like listening to Justin Bieber, who cares? Certainly not me. Does this make them gay? Certainly not. Are some of them? Possibly, but again, who cares? and it’s certainly not because they’re listening to Justin’s music.

    If the actual Justin Bieber has posted comments on this article, props to you for putting up with all the shit people have put up here about you! Just be yourself and stay safe. Oh, yeah, and don’t let the fame go to your head. No matter how many friends you have, you’re lucky to have one or two best friends who’ll stick with you forever. Girlfriends/boyfriends come and go, and it’s hard to find the right one, so when you do, hold on to them. And always remember: communicate and talk about your feelings. The easiest way to lose someone is to make their problems seem like less than they are, or to not listen to what they’re trying to tell you, or to act like your feelings are more important than their’s. Be willing and ready to admit when you’re wrong and apologize.

  • Keep it up bro love reading yr comments! what makes you so beautiful is that you dont know how beautiful you are… to me

  • Keep it up bro love reading yr comments! what makes you so beautiful is that you dont know how beautiful you are… to me

  • Mattia

    What the hell Justin you are saying beautiful to a boy???