Earlier this month, rumors were floating around the interwebs that Apple might be working on a 3G-capable iPod touch. Just like the iPad 3G, this iPod touch would have 3G data connectivity, allowing it to get internet access from virtually anywhere there is cell coverage.

Today we received a tip from an iDB reader pointing us to a page on Apple’s website clearly showing an iPod touch with a 3G icon and signal strength in the status bar. Is this a hint from Apple that the company is indeed working on an iPod touch 3G?

If you go to http://www.apple.com/itunes/, you will see an iPod touch with cellular data coverage information in the status bar. The only thing missing is a carrier icon, such as AT&T or Verizon.

Is this a hint from Apple? I doubt it. Apple is not the kind of company that leaves obvious hints at what it’s currently working on. This could very well be an oversight from a member of their web development team, though.

At any rate, if you didn’t believe Apple would release a 3G-capable iPod touch, this finding and the fact that Apple has added cellular toggles for the iPod touch in iOS 5 beta 4 are probably the most concrete evidence you’ll find to date.

Still skeptical?

[Thanks @GraveMind2401 for the tip]

  • Alex

    Their website has lots of flaws in the display pictures like this… although, it’s still possible that there will be a 3G iPod. I really doubt it though.

  • Theadobeflash

    kind of stupid probably will be just as expensive as an iphone?

  • Funked

    It’s prob just a mistake, like maybe they used an iPhone screenshot on the iPod Touch by accident or something. Still, I think the iOS 5 beta shows that we will get a 3G iPod Touch soon 🙂

  • they maybe used a iPhone Stock Image to mokeup iPod… ((=

  • Chris

    I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, pointless, like what’s been said already, it will end up being as expensive as an iPhone so with the iPhone doing everything an iPod can do and more besides, what would be the point of buying an iPod anymore.

    • Jason Masters

      The difference I think is the iPhone sometimes lags because a lot of processing is required but you don’t have that problem on an iPod? Maybe?

  • Sean

    I’m guessing they were just too lazy to make an actual iPod screenshot. But then people also said that the toggles showed up on their iPad with WiFi.

  • rock

    Apparently you guys don’t pay attention. Where’s the receiver if it’s an iPhone stock photo?

  • Kurt

    the ipad is showing iOS 5…and i agree that the ipod touch is also runing iOS 5. and that there will be a 3G iPod.

  • Anonymous

    The iOS Beta 4 does not give away “a 3G iPod”. What if people with an iPhone are tight on a data plan? I’m sure they don’t want to use data when they’re on WiFi… 3G uses data all the time. I don’t understand why people just all the sudden think “Oh yeah, there’s going to be a 3G enabled iPod”.

  • Excellent find!

    I just went to the Apple website (your link you gave in the article) and the image is still there with the “3G” as your red circle indicates!!!! Time= 10:15 am (PST) Tuesday, July 26, 2011

    Wow!!!! Somebody at Apple is gunna get a thrashing this afternoon!

    Great catch – that’s why I LOVE reading iDB!!!! You guys ROCK!!! Hopefully someday I can find something like that to contribute. 😀

    – Eric

    • skeetshooter


      • David

        Absolutely hilarious mate.

  • Babe

    Is that saurik? Lol!

  • Jason Masters

    But back on the subject I do think a 3G iPod is on the way it’s an evolution of apple.

  • yeah it may be a 3g ipod touch but where is the name “iPod” ?

  • nikky

    I dont think it is not a wise moves for apple as most people nowadays would probably have a 3g plan for their mobile phone or tablet already, i dont think peoples would pay extra to add another 3g plan in their pocket, considering that if this is real though..

  • Free

    I think i would buy an iPod 3G, and jailbreak it, install google voice, scrap my phone plan.

  • me

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there will be a 3g ipod. however i wouldn’t put money on it either. that being said, i think this is just a photoshop error. apple makes images like these by having images of their devices with blank screens, then putting a screenshot on them. here, they put an iPhone screenshot on an iPod

  • Abood

    haha i jest left a comment in apple support


    • MrA

      and now it’s not there…

  • Brandon

    ….Where’s 4G 🙁

  • insomnisquirrel

    The image has been replaced with an iPod with a Wi-Fi signal now.

  • Rick

    Lmao, they fixed it XD

  • lol the ‘m’ isnt a capitol, but all credit actually goes to @WonkieInc for the find, he told me about it on facebook and i tweeted it. i was going to say this earlier but we had a power outage for a few hours (he tweeted it to you, with this: http://twitpic.com/5wckvd )
    please update the part with the credit.

    anyways, as you said, even though they removed the picture now, theres still many other reasons (such as the cellular toggles in iOS 5) to believe that the next iPod Touch will be 3G enabled.

  • Anthony Hua

    not there anymore! LOL! GLITCH go look at the site