SBFloatingIcons is a recently released jailbreak tweak that brings a measure of organized confusion to your iPhone’s springboard.

In the same vein as tweaks like GraviBoard and others, SBFloatingIcons allows you manipulate all of the app icons on your iPhone’s Home screen.

Once installed, you’ll be able to add 3D rotation, 2D rotation, and 3D scaling to the icons in both your dock and the home screen. Check inside for a video demonstration of SBFloatingIcons in action…

The result of implementing any of the three aforementioned effects presets, is a level of chaos that anyone seeking to escape the mundane confines of the iPhone’s stock springboard will likely appreciate.

Although all three of the included presets allowed for some level of uniqueness, I personally preferred the 2D rotation preset over all others. It seemed to work the best; still allowing your iPhone to remain totally functional in the process.

Breaking the mold won’t come cheap; SBFloatingIcons will set you back $1.99 on the Cydia store.

Have you tried it out yet? What do you think?

  • Firsty Williams


  • Pete

    Ugh. It worked for 5 minutes before it bricked my iPhone 4. After endless rebooting it finally went into safe mode and I uninstalled it…

    Avoid at all costs.

  • Jareddd

    Honestly it sucks. It impressed my mom. That’s about it

  • ur mother

    its crap but good review

  • James

    You guys used to be so quick with stories and reviews but lately you’ve been sloooowww as, this was reviewed on other blogs like 4 days ago or something.

    • moob

      yes i saw it in the cydia changes four days ago too, maybe iDB expects it’s loyal readers to not read other blogs for their fix of latest iDevice info 😛

  • Sean

    It sucked.

  • DomPerignon

    I think that $1.99 is a steep price for the gimmick.

  • Micke

    What difference does it make if some other blog has already covered this?
    Do you say the same thing on video game reviews? “Oh, Gamesradar already wrote a review on this game, no use for you to make one too!”
    I like getting multiple opinions on things before I buy something.

  • Jason Masters

    I got dizzy watching the video lol.

  • Niels

    Battery drain? Within 3m you went down 2%