Apple has finally surpassed the world’s largest smartphone vendor, Nokia. In terms of units sold and revenue, Apple now exceeds the Finnish company, with Apple shipping more iPhones than Nokia this last quarter.

Nokia has seen a rapid decrease in market share these last few years, and Apple’s most recent numbers position it comfortably ahead of not only Nokia, but every other smartphone manufacturer…

The Financial Times reports this news in light of Apple’s last earnings call, during which the company announced that 20+ million iPhones had been shipped during Q3 of 2011. Comparatively, Nokia, the world’s former leading smartphone manufacturer, saw a 34% decrease in handset sales to only 16.7 million devices sold in Q3.

“Shipments of Nokia smartphones declined by 34 percent to 16.7m units, compared with the 20.3m iPhones shipped by Apple in its second quarter. Apple was already the biggest smartphone maker by revenue and profits, but the April-June period marked the first time it had surpassed Nokia in volume.”

Nokia’s drop in sales now places it in third place, behind Apple and Samsung.

Apple’s revenue was also four times larger than Nokia’s, with $13.3 billion in iPhone revenue and only $3.4 billion in mobile revenue for Nokia. Also, a recent report confirmed that the iPhones receives more ad impressions than Nokia’s devices in Europe.

Since 2007, Apple has managed to eclipse all other smartphone vendors in not only revenue, but also units sold. Looks like those iPhones are really taking off.


  • Tbv

    I am not surprised. Apple makes great products. The iPhones(3GS/4) are great products. I wish the price without contract would be more reasonable. My 16Gb factory unlocked iPhone 4 cost $650(ouch!).

    • msxy

      Looool 650(ouch)???? i got my iphone 4 16gb from dubai airport at 1000 $ . loool

    • msxy

      Looool 650 ouch? i got my iphone 4 16gb from dubai airport at 1000 $ . loool

  • Zebra

    Am I the only one having trouble with iOS 5 beta 3?

  • Twited21

    You have to wonder if the iPhone would be as big as it is
    If jailbreaking wasn’t around
    Afterall most of it’s success is due to jailbreaking

    • Paul Zammit

      Jailbroken community is around 2%-3% from the whole iCommunity. Whilst having options is great, Jailbreaking is not the main reason why it’s a big hit.

      • Twited21

        The I community meaning shuffles and iPod touches were talking about smart phones and I believe it’s more than 2% of iPhone owners are jailbroken so how much of the iPhones popularity is contributed by jailbreaking I would estimate at least 50% so the big question is if the jailbreak was never released would it be as popular ??
        Answers on a post card 🙂

  • AMB

    I don’t really like all that success, hopefully Apple gets some serious competition and maybe even lose this spot. Why? Success stops innovation. If Apple becomes an absolute and unstoppable juggernaut then we might see upgrades from the likes of 3G –» 3GS all the time.

    Basically that means they won’t try anymore. I really hope iOS5 isn’t some sort of ”last push” to get way ahead of the competition and that iOS6 won’t have so much changes. Not to mention the hardware…

    • SeizeCTRL

      Well Apple now has a history of suing competition. Let’s face it, RIM is not going to catch up, ever. They will still have a following of corporate dinosaurs who will not switch simply because they do not want to learn something new, even if it is better or more productive. But those people will die off and eventually RIM will survive off of patents.

      Nokia still has a following, but a lot of them will probably move on when WP7 comes into play… but I think WP7 will do better for Nokia than Symbian/MeeGo. WP7 being on multiple handsets from multiple manufacturers will give it a bigger audience to app developers and apps will be what drives smartphones.

      Android will be the biggest threat to Apple because it is spreading like wildfire, you can do so many cool things with it and now Apple is beginning to copy Android functions.

      The only downside I see to WP7/Android is the lack of standards. If Google/Microsoft were smart, they would tell all the handset makers that you must put a USB port at X position for the purpose of docks. There should be APIs that detect the screen resolution and automatically adjust apps to those screens. I’ve often overheard people talking about buying a phone and and going with the iPhone for the overwhelming amount of 3rd party options from cases, to docks and clocks. Since it’s incredibly rare to find two Android / WP7 phones that have an USB port in the same place, 3rd parties are forced to make products specific to each and everyone phone and that’s never going to really take off. I’m surprised Google and Microsoft hasn’t figured this out yet.

      • AMB

        I know what you mean, one of Apple’s strongest points is the consistency between all the iPhones with an identical ecosystem, something both Microsoft and Google lack.

        But the good news is that since windows 7 MS has been doing well and WP7 is probably the best thing they ever made on a phone. I can see them bringing more consistency to their hardware and espeacially with Nokia.

        Android on the other hand just seems like a big mess to me and I really dont see where this is going. RIM is a joke.

  • Age

    I always went for nokia as a phone back in the days as it wss the ” best phone ” after that I went erricson/Sony cos they had the camera on a phone as well as great os. My first apple product ever was the iPhone 4 and there is no looking back, yes it’s jailbroken but thats not what sold it, it was it’s brilliant simple to touch iOS/hardware that makes it the “best” product around. Nokia handsets/phones are no way near the build quality of apple. Hence nokia loses Market share.