The Dev Team has released an update to the jailbreak tool, RedSn0w, with support for a tethered jailbreak on iOS 4.3.4. Apple released 4.3.4 yesterday to combat the PDF vulnerability uncovered in the latest version of JailbreakMe.

JailbreakMe users are advised to stay with the untethered jailbreak that the web-based tool provides on iOS 4.3.3, and not upgrade to 4.3.4.

“For the convenience of kernel hackers like @comex and @i0n1c, we have a new redsn0w 0.9.8b3 that supports a TETHERED jailbreak for iOS 4.3.4 on all devices that have 4.3.4 except the iPad2.  The vast majority of people will want to stay back at 4.3.3 because that’s where the untethered jailbreak is! There are no new features in 4.3.4 — only fixes for jailbreak exploits.

Also, this is a good time to remind everyone (since we’re still seeing confusion about this): iPad2 owners with a baseband (3G or CDMA) cannot currently use saved blobs to go back to 4.3.3 once the signing window is closed. This is unlike every other device, so don’t be confused!  iPad2 owners with basebands should stay away from all updates to maintain the jailbreak!”

You can’t jailbreak the iPad 2 on iOS 4.3.4 with RedSn0w, so stay on 4.3.3 with your JailbreakMe untethered jailbreak. Because 4.3.4 was only released by Apple to combat the jailbreak exploit used by JailbreakMe in 4.3.3, there’s absolutely no reason for jailbreakers on 4.3.3 to update.

Apple is still currently signing 4.3.3, so make sure you backup you SHSH blobs immediately in the event that you accidentally update or need to downgrade back to a jailbreak-compatible iOS firmware.

The untethered jailbreak through JailbreakMe is the advised jailbreaking method for users on 4.3.3. To remain secure from the PDF exploit in iOS 4.3.3, install PDF Patcher 2 in Cydia once you jailbreak with JailbreakMe.

RedSn0w 0.9.8b3 is available for the Mac and Windows. Grab the jailbreak tool from our downloads section. To jailbreak with RedSn0w, refer to our tutorial.

Additionally, the folks at Redmond Pie have cooked up some custom bundles for the Mac-only jailbreak tool, PwnageTool. This custom build of PwnageTool will jailbreak iOS 4.3.4 (tethered), and is intended to preserve your baseband for an UltraSn0w unlock.

Redmond Pie confirms that this build of PwnageTool works, and they have provided a download link for those interested. We recommend this method for those that still want to update to 4.3.4 and preserve their baseband. You can find our PwnageTool tutorial here.

Will you be jailbreaking iOS 4.3.4, even though it’s only a tethered jailbreak? Leave your questions and thoughts in the comments below.

  • Galo

    JailbreakMe users are advised to stay with the untethered jailbreak that the web-based tool provides on iOS 4.3.4,<——(typo, should be 4.3.3) and not upgrade to 4.3.4.

    • Thank you. Corrected.

      • Daniel

        dude you look exactly like my cousin… 0.o =P

  • Jbravo

    Unthetered all the way…. 🙂

  • Dan

    I don’t think I would upgrade to 4.3.4 it makes no different. Maybe the battery life has improve?

    • ghiles234

      no it hasnt just fixes for the pfd exploit

  • Jacksparrow

    Let’s say imma ipad2 3G jailbroke at 4.3.3 with jailbreakme. Shsh saved for 4.3.3. Now apple at 4.3.4 and no more signing 4.3.3. Now say the ipad2 has some buggy Cydia tweaks and is unusable and not boot. What firmware can it be restored to? Only 4.3.4?

    • Juan

      You are able to restore to whatever SHSH blobs you have saved for the individual device. If you have 4.3.2, you can restore to that… 4.3.3.. restore to that.. That’s the point of saving SHSH blobs… to allow you to restore device to whatever version of iOS you want (as long as you have SHSH for device).

  • i downlode iPhone3,1_4.3.4_8K2_Restore file your web site. but this zip file not have ipsw file. i have iphone 4 (4.3.4 iso) gsm mobile phone. how to jalibreake this phone? cant get jalibreake me 3.0 my phone.

    • Juan

      at this point, you can’t use That’s for 4.3.3 /ONLY/. Now you’ll need to use redsnow to jailbreak 4.3.4 but remember, it’s TETHERED, meaning if your phone needs to be rebooted for whatever reason, you need to reboot it with a computer.

      — OR —

      If you have your 4.3.3 SHSH blob saved for the device, then you can downgrade to 4.3.3 and use or redsnow or any other tool for an untethered jailbreak.

      Good luck.

  • yohalmo

    why when i reload redsnow for de second time is just get stuck in the apple logo dont let me continu with my phone i have iphone 3gs 4.3.5

  • Jack

    i upgraded my iphone 4g to saved there anyway to downgrade it to 4.3.3?

  • lorelai

    i restored my iphone to 4.3.4 is there any place i can jailbreak my iphone please help

  • mello1

    can you use redsnow 0.9.6rc19 to jailbreak 4.3.4 with using 4.3.3 frimware

  • lawnchairpilot

    I did the jail break on my iPad 4.3.4. It seemed to go ok, but Cydia wont run and neither will Safari. Any ideas?

    I had already updated my iPad to 4.3.4 before I started looking for a way to jailbreak and unlock it.

  • ben

    i have a question , if i accidentally upgraded to 4.3.4 is there a way i can go back to 4.3.3 ?

  • yohalmo

    FUCK NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DONT upgrade ANTIL THEY FOUND SOMETING TO JAILBREAK 4.3.4 I HAVE TO DEGRADE 4.3.4 MY IPHONE 3GCS FOR TMOBILE and go banck to 4.3.3 it was so fucking hardddddddddddddddddd

  • yohalmo

    and yes it is one way to degrade 4.3.4 in iphone

  • Telejeesus

    I have iPhone 4 with iOS 4.3.3 JB, but I need to restore it 🙁 (Few tweaks are fuck up and Cydia don’t work properly. There is no easy way to fix this)

    So can I restore straight back to iOS 4.3.3 with iTunes ?? (I have 4.3.3 blobs) If that is possible what programs I need ? And what I do ?
    Must I restore to 4.3.4 and then downgrade?(The straight way sounds much nicer)
    THANKS 🙂

  • NguyenToan

    Better using TinyUmbrella. Choose the SHSH blob already save and click Start TSS server.
    The open Itune restore to 4.3.3 original.
    When finished will informs error 1013 or 1015.
    Using Redsnow rc19 JB (if its stuck when appear Activation – then restart redsnow again).
    Everything will be O.K.
    I already do so many Iphone. Sometime if it no display carrier you do more SAM activities..
    Hope above information helping you…

    • DocOc

      I missed the window and had 4.3 but could NOT upgrade to 4.3.3 under server 2008 r2 or vista.
      I could ONLY upgrade to 4.3.4. Is there an IPAD2 tethered jailbreak for it?
      Maybe you have an alternative solution, my goal is to run VNC server or something like it that will allow me to mirror my IPAD screen to my windows screen while I do a WebEx. I can then demo to remote people. I do this on my rooted android. I can do it using a video capture board, IPAD2 and HDMI but it flakes out to often.

  • sully

    i am new with itunes stuff.. cuz i have bought iphone 4 its my first apple device.. i have accidentally updated my ios to 4.3.4.. FUCK am stuck! =( and i havent saved my shsh blobs until i knew this even existed.. =(

  • Justin

    Hi there, having problems. I accidently upgraded to 4.3.4 without saving my SHSH blobs. I know there is no way to downgrade. I am currently on a tethered jailbreak using Redsn0w. The issue i am having is with SAM.
    I am trying to activate my phone with SAM as i do not have the proper SIM card, Everytime i try and activate I get an error . This is the current version of SAM downloaded from the developers repo. i am really stuck, Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Justin

      Sorry the error message i am getting is Stockifcation failure.

  • _Dz*

    I bought a new iphone wich was 4.3.3 n i saw the update of 4.3.4 n i updated coz im using iphone for the first time i dint knw abt jailbreaking n all..nw wen i came to knw abt im trying n its saying ios not supported :(:(..what shud i do now ..hw to downgrade bak to 4.3.3 help me … Im using iphone 4 32 gb white

  • ad

    How do i go from 4.3.4 back to 4.3.3, i want to jailbreak my phone but it wont let me, please advise.

  • Pierre Lewis

    I need to jailbreak my iPhone 3GS ,MC model with 5.1 and without a computer plzzz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!