We all remember the infamous “Apple’s tracking my movements and is going to follow me around town with a camera” fiasco, don’t we?

Assuming you’ve not been living under a rock for the last few months – and Apple’s GPS data tells me you haven’t – then you’ll remember that Apple’s iOS devices were accused of keeping tabs on users’ locations and storing the information in an unencrypted file on said users’ computers.

Well, as it turns out, one South Korean iPhone user has forced Apple to cough up a spot of compensation, though we aren’t exactly talking mega-bucks…

As Reuters reports, Apple Korea was ordered to pay up 1 million Korean Won as compensation to a Kim Hyung-suk who, it just so happens, is a lawyer.

“In May, Apple Korea was ordered by the court to pay 1 million won ($946) in compensation to Kim Hyung-suk, a lawyer, two officials at Changwon District Court told Reuters on Thursday. They declined to be identified because they are not authorized to speak to the media.

Kim’s law firm, Mirae Law, said Apple made payment last month. Steve Park, a spokesman for Apple Korea declined to comment.”

While $946 isn’t a big deal to Apple at all, it’s the precedent this sets that must concern their (admittedly huge) legal team.

In fact, sueapple.co.kr is a website set up to start a class action lawsuit against the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch creators – a site that was so busy it ground to a halt under a barrage of hits.

Apple released an updated version of iOS in order to prevent such information from being collected in such huge quantities, as well as improving its anonymity.

We’re sure that won’t stop the vultures lawyers from smelling blood, though.

  • Fabio Rodrigues

    but, what about iphone those with 3g that doesnt receveid an update after 4.2.1, they still been tracked, right? if so they will be still been tracked as long they keep their phones?

  • Stormy Nguyen

    Apple have been in court quite frequently, it seems. It’s an easy target when you are on top of the hill, I suppose.

    • Jon Garrett

      apple is in court quite frequently because they’re very busy filing frivolous lawsuits. as for “top” of the hill?!?!? hmmm, Android market share 38% (although latest reports say 40%) Apple market share 26% and RIM market share is 25.7% statistically tied with apple.

      Android daily activations are more than twice as many phones as apple. the only real lead apple has over anybody is their tablet. given the fact that Android OS has overtaken apple in less than 3years I dont see why the same cant happen with tablets.

      • Stormy Nguyen

        I thought the iPhone was the most popular smartphone, outselling all others. Whether iOS is better or worse than Android is totally up to each user’s taste and needs. Android’s larger market share is understandable considering the fact that there are about a hundred phones released on this platform. When I said Apple have been to court quite frequently I refer to the legal battles they have been having with Samsung. Just my personal opinion of course.

  • we believe that its normal issue for Apple, but we believe that as brand Apple has to know their criteria’s to move in online business.