I admit it; I couldn’t come up with any valid reasons for SBVolume’s existence during the shooting of my video walkthough, but as always, you commentors picked up on the transgression.

SBVolume is a TweakWeek tweak that places soft volume buttons on your iPhone’s Home screen. It’s definitely not the prettiest implementation in the world, but it would be a welcome addition to anyone’s Home screen that has broken physical volume buttons.

I overlooked that need during the shooting of the video, hence the over-the-top negativity. But still, I stand by my notion that it could look a whole lot better than it does now. Details inside…

So again, SBVolume is very useful to those with malfunctioning physical volume buttons, but not so much for anyone else.

If your iPhone is jailbroken, and you’ve found a use for this tweak, please let me know in the comments section below. I’m really interested to hear how you’re using it.

  • James

    lol @ Jeff, ye there will be 1 person, somewhere lol .. Nice idea for those with broken volume buttons but the aesthetics are horrid, it mite be ok if it looked good but it really doesn’t.

  • Nad

    thanks my lil sis needed something just like this for her ipt 2nd gen! the volume button are broken!

  • Rob

    Broken volume buttons?

    Open the multitask bar, go left to iPod controls, go left again… a volume slider!

    This built-in functionality already exists!

    • Tony

      2nd gen devices don’t have that functionality! My 2nd hen touch has worn out buttons – just the ticket!

    • Tony

      2nd gen devices don’t have that functionality!
      My 2nd gen touch has worn out buttons – just the ticket!

    • apel

      lol i cant belive iv had all iphones since 2008, and the 4 for over a year and i just figured this out

  • Paul

    I’m running 4.3.3 on iP4, it caused my phone to crash every time I hit the home button to exit an app.It could’ve been interfering with another app/tweak or something but the phone works fine now that it’s gone.

  • Chris1

    Are you that1 person ?? No need to speak like that you inbred, so what, you disagree with an opinion, yes, an opinion, that’s what it was, does that make it ok to use the kind of language you used. If only people like you could be extradited from society !!

  • Smith

    This is the most ugliest tweak. Usefull for someone but my God! It’s so easy to make prettier – or +.

  • csn_zm

    Running 4.3.3 on iPhone 3GS. It kept on crushing mobilesms each time I hit the messages icon. Sms works fine now after removing the sbvolume

  • Leo

    Oh wow lol I thought if the volume button is broken you can get a new iPhone from apple or ATT no??

  • apel

    It makes Messaging app crash, i restored my phone 3 times install this everytime because i didnt even think this was the problem, then did one more and forgot to install this, messages worked, installed stoped working, then uninstalled and worked again, so major bug

    • csn_zm

      @Apel if you have Crash reporter installed on your iDevice from Cydia it’ll show possible culprits when apps crash. That’ll save you the hustle of having to restore every now and then.

  • Alex

    If it wasn’t for the fact that this seems to be really hastily/ugly implemented I would have downloaded this right away since my 3GS volume buttons are all gone since 6 months. So I guess I’m that one person 😉