We’ve heard some staggering statistics for the jailbreak community recently. Saurik, the mastermind behind Cydia, estimates that there are anywhere between 10 to 15 million jailbroken iDevices in the world.

The number of unlocked iPhone users is also perplexing. We did a story last month about China Mobile that suggested there were close to 4 million unlocked iPhones running on their network. How many unlocked iPhones do you think are in the U.S.?

T-Mobile representatives believe there are over one million active iPhones currently on their network. That’s a huge number considering those customers don’t get access to T-Mobile’s 3 and 4G speeds.

I wonder if that number includes factory unlocked iPhones that recently became available. I know it doesn’t include all the unlocked iPhones on AT&T’s network, or the folks that have home-grown unlocks with their local carriers.

Though the stats seem high now, recent events suggest that unlocking the iPhone is a dying art. With an AT&T takeover looming and reports of T-Mobile branded iPhones being tested, it’s safe to assume the carrier will soon offer the smartphone legitimately.

Regardless, the above numbers really speak volumes about the jailbreak community. Imagine all the work that went into developing the unlock processes and spreading the word.

Are you on an unlocked iPhone? What network?


  • Joe

    I have an unlocked iPhone 3GS on Tmobile and don’t get any picture messages anymore. Anyone know how to fix this?

    • Joe


    • William

      i believe in order to use MMS in T-mobile’s network, you need to first do some sort of activation.
      I’m sure google has the answer for you.

      • If he wanted google I’m sure he would have dome that he came here for help if you don’t have the answer then shut t f up instead of snidely referring him to google. I hate when Sebastian does that too it shows how you could care less about people and this is supposed to be a community or a forum sheesh you people make me sick unhelpful jerks and seb u can moderate me if you want you’ll just prove my point

    • Igeek1218

      No there is a mms fix on Cydia… I unlock iPhones daily and put mms on them…

      • John

        Thank you Jason masters for that comment. I also hate when people jus basically say search for yourself. 🙁

    • Jon Garrett

      there is no way to fix it. my brother has my old 3G for a year now and nothing seems to work. so when I get either an Android phone or the iphone 5 he’ll get my iphone 4.

      • Fabio Rodrigues

        if there’s is no way to put it, why can I put it in simple mobile wich runs on t-mobile network??

        I do it daily a lot of times at the store

        easy way is to get the settings from a notepad file (on windows) and install ifile and search for the mms data file inside the iphone and edit that file with the text editor in ifile, and it’s done, or insert the file trough the wi-fi ssh mode

    • Radd

      Add http://beta.leimobile.com/repo to your sources in Cydia anmd install the T-mobile MMS fix, that worked for me on 3GS and an iPhone 4.
      Also look up the settings for it and make sure they are as specified on the website with MMS max size blank and the UA prof URL blank

      I’ve been on Tmobile with an unlocked iPhone for 2 years now…

      • what do you mean by as specified on the website, and the size? thats the only part i am having trouble with

  • c0edx

    My wife has iPhone 4 T-Mobile with the Gevey Sim unlock.

    • Does she have the new one or the old gevey I’m thinking of getting that new permanent one can’t beat it for the money.

  • Screwzoo

    My son has my old iPhone 3G and on T-mobile.

  • Ashfaq

    he he he – good stats – Gevey Sim works a wonder on my iphone4

  • Rjpalen

    Once my contract was up with AT&T I gave t-mobile a shot only because it was about half the price…. But I’m back on AT&T because I can’t do without 3G, and it’s just easier. I don’t have to worry about unlocks, I don’t have to worry about Apple if I ever need to replace my phone. AT&Ts where it’s at anyway

    • Igeek1218

      Exactly!!!! ATT rocks 

    • Been on Tmobile with an iPhone since 2007 and I’ll admit not having 3G is a downer but the price makes up for it plus edge works everywhere and consistently even though it’s slower I. Still can stream radio and YouTube

  • Steve NO job

    I’ve been using iPhone in the last 3.5 years with Tmobile . I still have my 2G 3G 3GS and iPhone 4 (using gevey pro) , I am loving it

  • I run on T-Mobile when ever in the States, their EDGE is often more reliable than ATT

  • Lainhou

    a i4 on Tmobile

  • mike

    Hey guys don’t mean to be slightly off topic. The speakers in my iPhone 4 are having problems can barley here the phone ring. I am Jailbroken and unlocked on iOS 4.3.1 with 1.59.00 baseband. Been preserving the hell out of the baseband. However, It looks like some rain may have messed up the speaker and I will have to send it to the insurance company and lose the baseband. I will get a replacement but are any of the newer basebands unlockable?

    • Get the new gevey permanent unlock simcard then you don’t have to worry about the baseband.

    • John

      Can you replace the speaker? It’s quite simple with instructions from ifixit (dot) com

  • iHack_droid

    t-mobile mms fix
    install source in cydia beta.leimobile.com/repo
    then install t-mobile mms fix

    let the phone reboot and then go to settings
    and make sure your apns match these

    user: blank
    pass: blank
    mmsc: http://mms.msg.eng.t-mobile.com/mms/wapenc
    mms max:1048576
    mms ua: http://www.apple.com/mms/uaprof.rdf

    then go back a page
    only turn on data roaming and cellular data
    manually turn off the phone and then turn on
    and that should be it

    • heredago

      I’m from Canada and don’t need these instructions but thanks you in the of whom it will help.

  • Salvador

    add a repo cydia.pushfix.info in cydia and after that install tmobile mms us fix fir ios4 it work for ios 3x it work on my 3g. I running 4.2.1 and it works good. Reboot the phone and check settings on the mms app and make sure mms is eneable

  • Moe

    I have I phone 4 run family mobile 1 g. Rolover data it’s good deal

  • SRUm1sh

    I am unlocked using UltraSn0w on T-Mobile in USA.

  • anon


  • Tim

    3G on T-Mobile.

  • Xochitl

    White iPhone 4 on tmobile 🙂

  • Sorath

    Hey i know im changing the subject but is there any way to unlock an iphone 4 4.3.3 baseband 04.10.01???? Im planning on switching to t-mobile im sick of at&t over charge on plan services

  • Sorath

    Hey i know im changing the subject but is there any way to unlock an iphone 4 4.3.3 baseband 04.10.01 ???? Im planning on switching to t-mobile im sick of at&t over charge on plan services