Leaked T-Mobile iPhone Could Be iPhone 4S with A5 Chip

The white iPhone 4 certainly seems to be coming this week. Mounds of evidence point to an April 27th launch date for the infamous Apple smartphone, including Best Buy inventory screenshots and even leaked photos of a T-Mobile branded white iPhone 4.

Or was it an iPhone 4? More details have come to light about the mysterious device that appeared on BGR‘s website yesterday. The phone looked very similar to a white iPhone 4, but appeared to be running on T-Mobile’s network. Apparently its color and carrier weren’t the only things that made this device unique…

9to5Mac posted some interesting facts about the leaked device. They don’t believe it’s just a run-of-the-mill iPhone 4 with T-Mobile compatibility. They think this could actually be the next-generation iPhone.

They note that the N94 markings on the back of the device signify that it is a prototype build. It’s actually the same build that developers discovered in iOS 4.3 that suggested that the next iPhone would have the same A5 chip as the iPad 2.

Last month, iDevice hacker Chronic uncovered the N94 device buried in the iOS 4.3 firmware. The code also revealed that the mysterious device was sporting a S5L8940 processor, or the A5.

Match this evidence with recent reports that Apple has been seeding iPhone prototypes to developers with dual core processors, and this all makes for an interesting coincidence.

While it’s not as definite as the phone that was left in a bar, it sure seems to paint a picture of what’s to come from Apple’s smartphone line. It looks like we should expect to see a 3rd carrier added here in the U.S., and at least a processor upgrade.

I’m wondering the same thing as everyone else, is this thing going to be the iPhone 4S or the iPhone 5? Maybe they’ll surprise us with LTE and HSPA and call it the iPhone 4G.

What do you think?