This is day #2 of Ryan Petrich’s Tweak Week, a friendly challenge that is going to bring us one new tweak a day for 7 days straight. Yesterday Ryan gave us DietBar, and today is coming up with a new tweak called PagePusher.

PagePusher is a very simple tweak that brings page-styled transitions to your iPhone. It’s not very easy to describe how this app works, so it’s best to just have you watch the video below…

PagePusher will not add any new icon or even provide options in your Settings app. It is available for free in Cydia. You will first have to add Ryan’s repo, which I’m sure you already have: or it’s usually available in the BigBoss repo shortly after.

What do you think?

  • i’ll definitly try it

  • Old Tom

    interesting. makes for a different look. i have it on my phone now.

  • Joeyjojo

    Just tried it, and mine is backwards. Page goes up when u press a back function, and comes down when you select something, seems the wrong way round to me.

    • Lucas K.

      That’s how it is in the preview, but I can see where you’re coming from. If you have a notebook and go back a page you pull it down, not up.

  • RC

    It didn’t jive with biteSMS on my phone. Transition worked fine but text entry/keyboard wouldn’t show up, then popped up after furious tapping only to stay up when I went back a screen. Bite is definitely the more important app. A tweak a day is a novel idea, but ultimately lacks the polish I’ve come to expect from iPhone apps, official or unofficial.

    • Jason

      exactly- uninstalled it for that reason. other than it not workin with bite, it’s a pretty cool tweak. fun while it lasted, lol.

  • ema_dc5r

    I install this tweak but i have problem when using the message app. Not working so good at this moment need some bugs to be fix.

    • KiraXD

      yup.. i uninstalled it because it was screwing up my messages app

  • Old Tom

    same here. im using stock sms app and the keyboard to type replies dissappeared. cant find it anywhere. potential bug maybe?

  • Eric

    And it pushes the screen left in landscape mode of some apps (like twitterlator pro) when you go to write a tweet then go back to the timeline. Love the look but way too buggy with too many apps.

  • Jorge

    Yeah, it really doesnpt work well, I opened skype and every skype option was frozen, I uninstalled pagepusher and now skype works perfect. I guess this 7 days free tweak is just a way to test Ryan´s applications before charging for their usage

  • c0edx

    Please correct, All Ryan Petrich’s Tweak are on the BigBoss Repo. I just check his repo and its not on there.

    • Well, actually it looks like apps are first available on his repo, then they make it to BigBoss. I guess he pushes them to his repo first while BigBoss repo is being updated.

  • Dude

    Yes, there is a bug in the SMS, when I try to send a message, it froze the message screen. I have a screen shot of my phone but I do not know how to post it in this page. Also, the reply bar disappeared when you install it.

    It runs well in other app, but I have not tried it on skype.

    The concept is very cool, if you want you iphone to have it look like a sketch pad, the only thing is that the transition is fast, sometimes you don’t notice that it moves like a page.

  • Jason

    lovin these free tweaks tho- good stuff.

  • Black Mamba

    I install this tweak but i have problem when using the message app. Not working so good at this moment need some bugs to be fix.

  • hmmmmm

    theres a app on that video allowing for a visual dot when you press on the screen, anyone know what it is please?

    • Burge

      It’s called PROTAPPER…iOS 4 only..not 4.0.1 or any other above just 4

      • hmmmmm

        thats a shame, looks like a cool app. thanks

  • hmmmmm

    just tried this, works well with speed intensifier, no lag at all. i like it!

  • Cam

    it’s good, but I can’t use Skype till I remove. pls update PagePusher

  • muddie

    great app but has an issue with bitesms. any idea if this is being looked at?

  • kokhean

    Ryan said that he would fix the SMS issue after TweakWeek.

  • gayan

    wooooooow nice work man. keep it good work . thanks your new page style. its working nice .

  • It freezes skype too. Had to uninstall to get skype to page between the screens.

    Nice idea but not that necessary. Thanks anyway. I did enjoy it for the other apps.

  • Rich

    Nice lil tweak but conflicts with too many apps 🙁

  • spelz

    Yeah, its a lovely tweak but it bites skype. Hopefully we’ll get an update.

  • miasanmia

    my skype error when i installed PagePusher So did with my message 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Causes lockup on skype and photoshop express