Introducing TweakWeek, One Jailbreak Tweak a Day for 7 Days

Here is an awesome initiative by Ryan Petrich, one of my favorite jailbreak developers. Ryan recently launched TweakWeek, a challenge where he is going to release one open source jailbreak tweak a day for an entire week.

Even better, a few other jailbreak developers are already lined up for the next few weeks. While Petrich is going to develop one tweak a day this week, next week tweaks will be developed by Filippo Bigarella, the following week by Tyler Nettleton, etc…

The rules are pretty simple:

  • One release a day for seven days
  • All releases must be open source
  • All work must be done on release day

I can’t wait to see what tweaks are going to come out of this. Very exciting times ahead!

[JB Movies]