iOS 5 is right around the corner, and there’s plenty of speculation taking place over what Apple will do with the next major version of their mobile OS.

We’ve shown you plenty of concepts for iOS, including different styles of push notifications and voice integration. Concepts are interesting, as they show potential for how Apple could reinvent parts of the iOS interface with its upcoming preview at WWDC…

This particular concept, by @macnavs, takes an interesting approach to push notifications on the iPhone’s lockscreen. The classic ‘slide to unlock’ bar would be used as a tool for either dismissing or viewing notifications.

The grey slider would be placed in the center of the ‘slide to unlock’ bar, instead of on the far left. Sliding to the left would dismiss a notification, while sliding to the right would “check” it. Sounds pretty clean and simple. However, Apple probably won’t implement this type of design in iOS 5.

These concepts are nice because they make you think about what could be done in iOS. They are by no means an indication of future features that Apple plans to implement.

What do you think?


  • Josh

    Nah, i think i’ll pass.

    • Sebastian

      Good article

  • Paul


  • SoCoMagNuM


  • Styoopid

    Spelling and grammar accuracy is a must. This fails in that area. PASS

  • Dodgerdeezy

    Pretty dumb!

  • Diddyo

    no thank you

  • Will

    Not bad …

  • BLiNK

    that looks hideous. if Apple bring this to the table i will try to stay on 4.3.3 for eternity

  • Alec

    Or slide up…

  • Shaz

    If it was polished up it would be a nice design..
    1. center the white slider..
    2. do NOT put dimiss and check in flashing letters..

  • XepptizZ

    So if you bave a bu ch of stuff notifying you, like your friend spamming the whatssapp, you effectively can’t unlock your ipho e anymore :p. Sounds pretty awesome, from he spammers perspective.

  • Andrew

    I don’t like it. Interesting idea and concept, but my biggest problem is wondering how it would effectively handle multiple notifications. I also don’t really like that blue-back window — it’s very plain, boring and old, needs a face lift. Something to visually discern at a glance what app sent the notification, for starters. I mean, this isn’t a lot different than what they have now for push notifications, and it sucks.

  • Pk

    if an important message came while the phone was locked in my pocket and iOS thought I’d swiped to delete it….

  • hisham fakhery

    Good article