We’ve talked about some pretty cool accessories for your iPhone here on iDB. We’ve mentioned everything from cases to portable battery chargers, and even one that did both.

While we’ve seen our fair share of iDevice attachments, we’ve yet to see anything quite like this. Tuaw points to an iPhone dock that uses a retro design in a contemporary world. What is it called?

Jonas Damon brings us Alarm Dock, an iPhone accessory modeled after those infamous GE flip clocks. The faux woodgrain GE flip clocks were a popular nightstand item decades ago.

Damon’s dock is made of harvested beech wood and will hold iPod touches and iPhones, versions 3G and newer. The face of the clock is created by an iOS application known as Flip Clock, but there are several alarm clock apps available.

The Alarm Dock will only set you back $39.50. If that sounds cheap, it’s because there are no speakers behind the speaker grille and you have to provide your own charging cable. I’d be a little nervous that the dock would muffle my alarm, but hey it looks cool.

What do you think of Alarm Dock?

  • megatr0n

    wait, so no speakers?? so it really is just a dock.. would’ve purchased this immediately if it had speakers, love the retro styling.

    • Mark

      Speakers? this thing is acoustic, look it up in a dictionary 😉
      Anyway, you can see the hole it has next to where the iphone speaker is, from there just go with the flow.

  • moimoimoimoi

    ‘retro’ – lmao – you teen-techies are annoying

  • BabylonX

    I agree. That’s not retro. Thats not even classic…