iPhone 4 Case Built for Fun (Literally)

If you’ve been looking for an iPhone 4 case and a good time, look no further. This iPhone 4 LEGO® case by SmallWorks is cooler than the other side of the pillow. Its backing is made up of real, evenly spaced LEGO® blocks that provide you with a 12 x 7 base to build on until your hearts content.

The product is actually the brainchild of SmallWorks co founders’ 12 year old son, whom they claim is “a complete LEGO® Brickmaster.”

The snap on shell is available in 3 colors, and yes, all of your current LEGO® block sets and accessories will work on this thing, including your limited Star Wars Editions. At $19.99, this isn’t a bad little phone protector.

Is anyone out there currently using this case, or thinking of picking this up? Tells us about it in the comments section below.