The Wi.U, Because Every Smartphone Deserves a Smart Charger

Chalk this one up to another interesting innovation involving Apple’s iPhone. We’ve shown you the 360-degree lens and the dual sim case, now let me introduce you to the Wi.U. It’s the smartest portable battery charger you’ve ever seen.

The Wi.U case pairs the iPhone with the battery charger through the device’s 30-pin connector. The charger has the ability to detect when your iPhone battery is getting low, and will automatically start charging it up…

The Wi.U case isn’t just your typical portable battery charger, it comes with its own iPhone application. With this app, you can set a date, time, or even a battery percentage that you want the device to kick on at.

There is also the Wi.U pad that uses a Powermat-like technology to wirelessly recharge the Wi.U case. The inventor of the Wi.U says that it should give you about 3 days worth of usage. This sure seems like a cool concept, but how does it compare to products like the ZAAGsparq?

We may never know. Like many of the innovative products we’ve featured, the Wi.U is a Kickstarter project. This means that the company behind the product is raising money through Kickstarter to start production of the smart charger.

They’re hoping to raise $20,000.00 by April 26th, otherwise the project does not get funded. At this time, only $3,550 has been pledged, so things certainly aren’t looking good. If you donate $100 or more, you’ll get your own Wi.U when/if they start production.

What do you think? Would you buy one?