Google just spent the last few hours unveiling new technology and services at their global developer conference, Google I/O. Perhaps the most interesting announcement was that their new cloud service, Music Beta, is ready to go.

The completely cloud-based music service will compete directly with Amazon‘s newly released Cloud Drive, as well as whatever Apple has up its sleeve. It’s surprising that Google was able to unveil the service so quickly, as their talks with record labels had been rumored to have soured…

You may recall that we reported on a Reuter’s article last month that claimed that Apple’s cloud service was ready to go. They claimed that Apple was set to beat Google to market with their cloud offering.

That’s obviously not the case, as mum is still the word with Apple about their new music locker service and Google Music starts rolling out today. The Beta version is available by invitation only at first, but will be rolled out to the masses shortly.

Both Mac and Windows users will be able to use the the web-based Google Music Manager to upload their music collection. Google is offering space for up to 20,000 songs, as opposed to Amazon’s 1,000. The service will be accessible from all Android devices, available via an Android market update.

I must say that Apple certainly has their work cut out for them. Storage space for 20,000 songs along with the fact that the service is currently free might have the Cupertino company going back to the drawing board. Hopefully Apple divulges some information about their cloud offering at their own developers conference next month.

Is Google’s Music Beta impressive? Or will Apple’s offering blow them out of the water?


  • I honestly think Google won this one. Apple’s not one to release products or services cheaply… Must we all remember the crap that was MobileMe? If Apple has a better offer, it will be free, or by a less than $10 subscription. If subscribed, 20,000 needs to be inferior, somehow. Hmm…

    Only the future will tell!

    • I think will allow some free song storage but it want be any where close to 20k. I put my money on any where from 1-10k

    • Chris

      MobileMe was rush and released without the consent of Steve jobs… That’s probably why it sucked so much, that’s also why he fired them….

  • Mike

    Wow 20k songs. I hope this will work with the iPhone

    • Old man

      Android…it’s not that hard to read and see that it says Android….not Apple ..

      • Johnny B

        He said he hopes it will work with the iPhone meaning, in the future. Like maybe down the line they will release an app similar to their google voice app or their google search app. who knows

    • Chris

      How do you get a pic up…

  • Apple rules!!

  • moimoimoimoi

    Ill stick with subsonic thank you – works great and I can customize it however I want, store as much music as I want and in whatever format suits my needs… all with no DRM headaches

  • eric

    how is releasing a beta version of something beating apple to it? wait to see the problems this beta release has. apples will be released in finished form a day after they announce it. it will not be a beta. and with all the labels behind them it will be awesome.

    • Jon Garrett

      get a grip, if Apple had released a beta you’d be jumping for joy that they “beat” Android.

  • eric

    plus the classic invitation only at first crap. like google buzz. how’d that work out for you fanboys. and it terms of this rediculous article, have apple running back to the drawing board. are you serious moron? its a billion dollar data center. it’s going to kill.

  • XepptizZ

    I thought that all of the devices out there with 10 gigs plus worth of space were meant to replace the hassle of music storage.

  • Apple rules!

  • DomPerignon

    Apple has to come out with something similar and FREE; otherwise, Apple will be doomed with its coming cloud.

  • DomPerignon

    Let’s face it; this Google service it’s AWESOME, specially if you are an Android user.

  • woojoo

    the thing with Google that will make Google always better than apple is that apple cares about money, and Google cares about people. True, Google is a major corporation and has lots and lots of money. Still, most of its money comes from advertising, and Google provides almost all of its services for free. It doesn’t have to worry about hardware development and design like apple, but what does it focus on instead? Providing the best email, the fastest browser, the most useful online word processor (Google docs), and all for free.
    Apple, on the other hand, sells everything for expensive prices, and only provides iTunes for free (and even thats just to make more money). In fact, Apple’s cloud service, Mobileme, doesn’t even provide ANY free space, and only a free trial? Google is providing space for TWENTY THOUSAND songs, for free? Thats at least 20 GB, way more than most iPods can hold.
    What else does Google provide for free? A map application with a 3D world that is updated often. Google goggles, the best image recognition system that apple would NEVER provide for free. Open source software platforms for developers to collaborate ideas. Even free wifi for some cities (including a city near me). Google still has some kinks in their programs to work out, but only because they don’t make the billions of dollars Apple makes from selling overpriced products. Even their own iPhone applications aren’t free! So don’t expect much from Apple’s new cloud music service, it probably costs $900 a month, and thats without the 2 month warranty.

    • moi

      wow talk about being deluded lol … Google is NSA – its basically a spy op, pure and simple. I dont think they ‘care’ about people

      • woojoo

        still that shit about Google being a spy op? Any coorporation can be a spy op, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook. Just because Google is more connected to the public doesn’t mean its spying on them.

  • Cameron

    I don’t get CloudMe

  • Kj

    Apple or android? Brand does not matter In the long run – competition does 🙂

  • JoBerlin

    All that “put your music in the cloud”-stuff is only useful with an unlimited data plan. And I guess the mobile companies will hate it because it means more traffic, more power consumption, more clogged pipes.
    Now think roaming. Maybe that’s all cool for people who stay in their country. But as long as we don’t have a trans-european network without roaming fees it’s useless here: the moment you go on vacation, have to do business in another country, … And something that might happen to you anywhere: an area without coverage. Where is your music? In the cloud – but what’s that good for? Certainly not for listening to the music.
    All that cloud stuff is highly overrated – I might use it in case the clients encrypt the date before it’s transferred to the cloud and encrypted on your device but I won’t give anybody my personal data without some precautions.
    Sony – Facebook – maybe the clouds will leak next and then it’s raining data. YOUR PERSONAL DATA!
    Certainly I wouldn’t care much about music – it’s not “sensitive data” – but it will drain a mobile device’s battery really fast. See for yourself: Get a player for a webradio and listen to it for half an hour over 3G …